Atherton Hospital Redevelopment | Peddle Thorp

The Atherton Hospital Redevelopment is a building at the heart of its local community. A building that feels like home, that supports and retain staff, and nurtures and brings joy to patients.
References to the history of the site are woven throughout the design of the building, utilising shape and colour to connect to the history and natural form of the surrounding community. The building is wrapped in a colourful brick façade that reflects the form of the existing Hospital building demolished to make way for the new. Creating a playful welcome gesture that de-institutionalises the experience of people at the start of their healthcare journey. Familiar forms and access to nature creates immediate connections for the community to the new facility fostering a sense of familiarity and belonging, creating a building that staff and patients want to be at, providing them with a joyful, healthy, and user-friendly Hospital.

Bradbury Park Playscape | Alcorn Middleton

Nestled in Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs, Bradbury Park’s Playscape emerges as a vibrant testament to the role of public architecture in fostering inclusivity and invigorating community life with cultural, artistic, and interactive aspects. Through the concept’s theme of ‘Byways and Hollows, byways usher visitors into a world of discovery, with hidden alcoves and dynamic structures that mirror the wild’s untamed paths. Each turn of the playscape’s design unfolds a story, transforming ‘hollows’ into retreats that reflect the homes of lorikeets, alive with lashes of vibrant hues and spirit. The architectural prowess of the structure, intentionally situated among the ironbark sentinels, honours their grandeur and charred palette, emphasising these natural icons through both materiality and physical form, capturing the resilience and spirit of the Australian landscape.
A beacon of public architecture, this playscape redefines communal play with an innovative and striking presence, weaving artistic and cultural vibrancy into Brisbane’s inner Northern Suburbs.

Cairns Convention Centre Expansion | Cox Architecture and CA Architects

The Cairns Convention Centre Expansion is a significant addition to an important public building first constructed in 1996.
The Project reorientates the building to face the Trinity Inlet and the mountain range beyond. The design solution was a specific response to place and provides a new address and identity and was orchestrated to face the view. The joyful façade screen is a response to the sun path, whilst allowing views and reflecting the local botanic colours.
The building is an important magnet for tourism supporting businesses as well as being an important addition to regional Queensland. The expansion allows the facility to maximise the limited seasonal window in Cairns.
The building includes a new plenary, exhibition, banquet space, meeting rooms, terraces and an undercover Garden Arrival. Additionally, a major upgrade was provided to the existing building, focusing on the Auditorium and the Arena in response to the Convention Centre market.

Catherine’s House | Architectus Conrad Gargett

The Architectus Conrad Gargett health and heritage teams have reimagined the historic 1920s convent at Mater Hill in South Brisbane into Queensland’s largest and most comprehensive integrated perinatal mental healthcare facility. Catherine’s House for Mothers, Babies and Families, located in the heart of Mater’s South Brisbane l campus, was created in response to the pressing need for perinatal mental healthcare support in the region.

Catherine’s House includes ten suites designed to be homely spaces offering separate lounge areas with adjoining baby room while also meeting high level clinical requirements. The design fosters interaction among mothers with shared lounge and dining areas, as well as a large secure outdoor courtyard.

The project successfully retained, reused and celebrated the cultural heritage significance of the former convent and importantly, enabled change to integrate contemporary building services, meet current certification requirements and provide a meaningful home for postnatal mental healthcare in South East Queensland.

Eromanga Natural History Museum | Architectus

The Eromanga Natural History Museum is designed to showcase the museums collections and activities to the public, provide exceptional research facilities, and prepare for a future exhibition space.

The project includes an entry building with public spaces, a courtyard and workplace. A research building houses labs and spaces for fossil preparation and storage.

On Boonthamurra Country in remote Queensland, the museums simple yet elegant concrete form sits comfortably within the landscape. From a low ridgeline, it opens to views of bloodwood trees and gilgai wetlands, while its canopy provides shade and textured walls respond to light conditions.

Understanding the remote context and the clients notforprofit status, the team designed the museum to withstand extreme temperatures and selected robust systems and materials to minimise costs.

Close collaboration and thoughtful design have resulted in a museum that is memorable and engaging for visitors and supportive and inspiring for staff and volunteers.

Great Barrier Reef Arena | Cox Architecture

Designed by Cox Architecture and built by the community, for the community, Mackay’s Great Barrier Reef Arena is a hub for Culture, Sports, and Community celebrations. The Arena offers world-class facilities for a diverse range of events, including concerts, elite sports, and cultural festivals.
The design emulates the colours, cultures, and landscape typical of the region. Indigenous culture and traditions, the early Maltese immigrants and the people that have built this region are celebrated in the design. The new grandstand is deeply rooted into the landscape and is conceived as growing out of the landscape. Its roof, founded in the new plaza, slowly rises as it hugs the oval to cover the players and media facility. It floats over a rusticated ribbed wall that grows out of the landscape, establishing a unique simplicity of two elements, one hovering over the other.

Ipswich Hospital Mental Health Acute Inpatient Services | Hassell

Ipswich Hospital’s Acute Mental Health Unit builds on a foundation of healing to create an environment that nurtures wellbeing and mindfulness. The interiors are integral to the holistic design concept, establishing a setting of calm, restoring dignity to the healing journey and normalising mental health care in the community.

Through the codesign process, Hassell collaborated with consumers, carers, clinicians, allied health professionals, operations staff and community groups to shape the healing environment. Meaningful engagement with First Nations representatives has delivered a culturally safe environment with integrated landscapes, bush medicine, sunlit interiors, colours that reflect Country and artworks by local artists.

Redlands Satellite Hospital | Fulton Trotter Architects with Architectus Conrad Gargett

Fulton Trotter Architects provided design and documentation services for the Queensland Satellite Hospital Program which saw the delivery of Redlands Satellite Hospital, a major healthcare facility within the south-east Queensland for Queensland Health. The project had a fixed project budget, fast tracked program, and required comprehensive consultation with a large number of stakeholders. The facilities offer minor injuries and illness care, as well as medical day, cancer care and outpatient services.

Guiding design principles were implemented to create a healthcare facility that is an accessible community space, with an emphasis on wayfinding and user wellbeing. These principles considered the journey from street to clinic and connections between inside and outside. The design features include bringing external materials inside, corridors with views to landscape, high-level windows, and courtyards encouraging daylight and views to deep within the plan.

Riverway Library | Counterpoint Architecture

The Riverway Library project breathes new life into a beloved community asset for the Townsville Community. The Thuringowa Library has been relocated to the existing precinct, seamlessly integrating with the Lagoon, Art Gallery, Sport Facilities, and Parklands. The transformed library occupies spaces formerly used for a performance venue and features a Café, bookable meeting rooms, a Changing Places Adult Accessible Change facility, and the innovative “MixHaus Makerspace.”

Overcoming design challenges, the project opens up the previously dark performance space, allowing natural light and views of the swimming lagoon and river. The library offers diverse spaces for quiet contemplation and collaborative work, including reading nooks, collaborative booths, and meeting rooms strategically placed with river views. The architecture embraces organic forms, with a unique curving ‘curtain’ defining the library space, paying homage to the former stage curtains while blending with the river landscape.

Yatala Labour Prison Redevelopment | Grieve Gillett Architects in association with Guymer Bailey Architects

The groundbreaking Yatala Labour Prison sets a new benchmark, transforming thinking about correctional facilities. Rooted in trauma-informed design, GGA integrated a range of measures to normalise environments to reduce stress, demonstrating a deep understanding of how the physical environment affects identity, worth and healing.

Originally intended as three equal sized new buildings to accommodate the additional 270 high-security beds, GGA proposed a revolutionary Therapeutic Wing broken into smaller human-scale environments tailored to vulnerable cohorts. While adhering to high-security requirements, biophilic design principles including natural light, natural materials, acoustic treatments, nature motifs and landscape views foster wellbeing, while choice of space indoors and outdoors promotes dignity and personal agency.

The innovative split Visits Centre with dedicated family room, fosters family connections that are a vital component toward mitigating reoffending. A new Staff Wellbeing Centre, Admissions and Catering & Operations facility complete the major redevelopment to support a new era in justice.

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