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About the Prize

The Emerging Architect Prize (EAP), recognises an individual emerging architect or emerging architectural collaboration’s contribution to architectural practice, education, design excellence and community involvement, which advances the profession’s role within the public arena. Entrants need to be nominated by a member of the Australian Institute of Architects (or Institute members can self-nominate). 


The International Chapter Emerging Architect Prize is awarded biennially (2023, 2025, 2027 etc), in each odd year. The International Chapter prize is a separate program to the Chapter/National prize. The International Chapter prize recipient will not therefore be eligible to progress to the National Emerging Architect Prize program. 

The Emerging Architect Prize is awarded annually, firstly at a Chapter level, then winners automatically proceed to be considered for the National Emerging Architect Prize. The winner of each Chapter Emerging Architect Prize will be announced at the Chapter Architecture Awards or celebration event., with the winner of the National Emerging Architect Prize being announced at the National Architecture Awards.

Chapter winners receive:

  •  $1,000 cash prize and a Certificate

National winner receives:

  • $2,000 cash prize and a certificate
  • Winner will embark on a National Tour in early 2025

key dates

Entry type Entries open Entries Close
Nomination and Self-Nomination Wednesday, 31 Janruary 2024 11:59pm AEDT Tuesday, 5 March 2024
Submission of additional material for nominations Wednesday, 6 March 2024 11:59pm AEDT Wednesday, 27 March 2024

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Maitland Riverlink | CHROFI with McGregor Coxall | NSW | Photographer: Simon Wood

Advice on who can nominate

Denton Corker Marshall Studio | Denton Corker Marshall | Vic | Photographer: Shannon McGrath

Our system involves a two step process, find out more

Find out more about our 2023 National Emerging Architect Ben Peake.

King Bill | Austin Maynard Architects | Photographer: Derek Swalwell

Find out more about the criteria used to assess your application

Quay Quarter Lanes | SJB, Silvester Fuller, Studio Bright, Carter Williamson, Lippmann Partnership and ASPECT Studios | Photographer: Rory Gardiner

Find out more about our 2023 National Emerging Architect Prize Tour with Ben Peake.

Find out more about our 2023 National Emerging Architect Ben Peake.


Maitland Riverlink | CHROFI with McGregor Coxall | NSW | Photographer: Simon Wood

Who can participate

Nominees, as an individual or as part of collaboration, must meet each of the following eligibility requirement:

Chapter/National EAP

  • Must be a registered architect member of the Institute
  • Must be within 15 years of graduation of the AACA Accredited Master of Architecture degree (or equivalent) and have first been registered as an Architect anywhere in Australia, not more than 10 years ago and must be currently registered with any of the Architect Registration Boards in Australia.
  • Must enter in the Chapter in which they are currently residing.
  • Must be self-nominated or nominated by a member of the Institute (only members of the Institute will be eligible for this prize). 
  • Previous recipients of a Chapter or National Emerging Architect Prize are not eligible to enter.
  • Submission must be received by the closing date.

International Chapter EAP

  • Must be a member of the Institute (International Chapter) and working/residing overseas
  • Must be within 15 years of graduation of the AACA Accredited Master of Architecture degree (or equivalent) and have first been registered as an Architect in Australia or overseas, not more than 10 years ago
  • Must be self-nominated or nominated by a member of the Institute (only members of the Institute will be eligible for this prize). 
  • Previous recipients of a Chapter or National Emerging Architect Prize are not eligible to enter
  • Submissions must be received by the closing date specified by the International Chapter

Additional considerations:

  • Once nominated, the nominee must complete the required entry form. Nominations will remain on a register for three (3) consecutive years, after which the nomination will lapse.
  • A minimum of three (3) eligible entries must be received by the closing date or the Jury may decide not to award a winner.
  • The Chapter Jury may choose not to award a Chapter winner if they feel the entries received are not of a high enough standard or do not fulfill the judging criteria


How do I enter

Entry into the Emerging Architect Prize is a two-step process.

  1. Nomination – eligible candidates are nominated by a member of the Australian Institute of Architects or  members can self-nominate via the online entry system.
  2. Submission of entry material – nominated candidates will be invited to continue with their submission. Should they wish to accept the nomination, the nominee will be asked to submit the entry material listed under ‘entry requirements’ via the online entry system.

Winners at a Chapter level automatically proceed to be considered for the National Emerging Architect Prize, no additional entry material is submitted for National judging.

Entry requirements
The nominee will be asked to submit the following entry material via the online entry system:

  • a statement addressing each of the key criteria items outlined in the judging criteria (within the entry form).
  • a resume: four A4 pages maximum (please ensure you provide the architectural registration number, date of registration and date of graduation for each individual being nominated).
  • a portfolio of works: this can include built and unbuilt work (five A4 pages maximum).
  • two references: from an employer or clients.
  • photo of entrant(s) – this can be uploaded separately to the requirements above.
  • entry requirements listed above must be uploaded on a single PDF document and must not exceed 10MB.
The 2019 Emil Sodersten Award | Denton Corker Marshall Studio | Denton Corker Marshall | Victoria | Photographer: Shannon McGrath

Judging criteria

Participation requirements / What we look for

All entries received by the due date will be judged by a Chapter Jury. Jury members will comprise:

  • The Chapter President or nominee
  • Previous Chapter Emerging Architect Prize winner
  • Chair of the local EmAGN group or a nominated representative

The Chapter Jury will select one (1) Chapter winner, noting that juries are not obligated to select a Chapter winner if the pool of candidates does not warrant a decision. Each Chapter winner then progress to the National Jury for judging.

The National Jury will comprise:

  • Institute National President or nominated representative
  • EmAGN President or nominated representative
  • Previous National Emerging Architect Prize winner or nominated representative.

Chapter and National juries will judge entries based on the following criteria:

  • excellence in architectural practice, research or education
  • involvement in Australian Institute of Architects activities and/or forums of similar professional bodies
  • contribution to architecture through leadership within the profession
  • contribution to community activities such as charity and voluntary work related to the profession is not essential but would be judged favourably. 
Blackwood St Bunker | Clare Cousins Architects | Photographer: Lisbeth Grossman

Emerging Architect PRIZE Tour

BlueScope: Sole Exclusive Partner of The Emerging Architects Prize Tour



The Emerging Architect Prize Winner travels to every state and territory, presenting a ‘show and tell’ of their works, experiences and architecture. 

Tour Dates in 2024

Western Australia – Tuesday, 12 March 2024: Register Now

Northern Territory – Thursday, 14 March 2024: Register Now

Australian Capital Territory – Tuesday, 19 March 2024: Register Now

South Australia – Wednesday, 20 March 2024: Register Now

Victoria – Thursday, 21 March 2024: Register Now 

Queensland – Tuesday, 26 March 2024: Register Now

Tasmania – Wednesday, 27 March 2024: Register Now

New South Wales – Friday, 5 April 2024: Register Now


2023 Winner

2023 National Emerging Architect | Ben Peake

Congratulations to the 2023 National Emerging Architect -

Ben Peake from Carter Williamson Architects has won the 2023 National Emerging Architect Prize in the 2023 National Architecture Awards.

Ben Peake has been awarded the 2023 Australian Institute of Architects’ National Emerging Architect Prize.

Peake’s impact on the practice of Carter Williamson Architects, where he is the design director, has been profound. He has been instrumental in steering award-winning projects, nurturing young architects, and advocating for gender and diversity equity.

The firm itself received the New South Wales chapter’s Best in Practice Prize in 2021. Peake’s dedication extends beyond the firm. He’s been an ongoing advocate for positive change in the profession through his involvement with the Institute.

His roles on the New South Wales Gender Equity Transformation Team and the National Committee for Gender Equity express his commitment to diversity. He’s also taken a lead position in the Architects Champions of Change initiative, promoting inclusivity in the profession.

Neither are Peake’s contributions limited to the profession; he has actively shared his knowledge as a tutor and been selected for the Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship and the Dulux Study Tour. Notably, he led the Save Our Sirius movement, successfully preserving a significant building against development forces in Sydney. Sirius (Piper Press, 2017), on which Peake is a co-author, stands as a testament to his achievements.

Peake’s leadership style encompasses design excellence alongside a profound sense of social responsibility, demonstrating architectural practice as citizenship.

He has not only shaped projects but also embraced the ethical dimensions of architecture. The jury commends his accomplishments and eagerly anticipates his future contributions.



Stuart Tanner FRAIA (Chair) Australian Institute of Architects of National President, Tanner Architects

Dino Vrynios RAIA 2021 National EAP Recipient, Das Studio

Tiffany Liew RAIA National EmAGN President, Architecture AND

2023 CHAPTER Winner

Australian Capital Territory








New South Wales

Ben peake | carter williamson architects





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2022 National Emerging Architect | Daniel Moore

2022 National Emerging Architect - Daniel Moore, Open creative studio

Daniel Moore is awarded the 2022 National Emerging Architect Prize in recognition of his unending dedication to advancing the role of the architect in society. Daniel has a genuine interest in realizing enhanced outcomes for the built environment and his generosity of time, effort and spirit has led to real action . He has used media as a tool for leadership as well as education and advocacy at a scale that is truly admirable.

Daniel has demonstrated excellence in founding Hearing Architecture, an EmAGN podcast that looks to educate the public on the role and importance of the architectural profession. He has been fundamental in leading, curating and emceeing New Architects Melbourne events since 2014, and has advocated for the emerging architectural profession through his role as EmAGN co-chair, including the establishment of Generation Exchange, an intergenerational mentorship program. Moreover, Daniel has pursued more sustainable outcomes through his own practice and patron model, Open Creative Studio.

Daniel’s practice of architecture is expansive, reaching architects and non-architects alike. He is a great example of how a genuine passion for design and the built environment can be used to improve outcomes widely, and how a career in architecture can take many forms beyond that of traditional practice. Daniel’s actions and leadership have created a platform from which the entire profession can gain leverage and benefit, and his legacy will extend beyond his own built work to provide a voice for the architectural community in Australia.

Shannon Battisson (chair), Australian Institute of Architects National President, The Mill: Architecture + Design;

Dino Vrynios, 2021 National Emerging Architect Prize winner, Das Studio; 

Tiffany Liew, National EmAGN President, Andrew Burns Architecture

2022 CHapter winners

Australian Capital Territory – Kate Shepherd, Rob Henry Architects

New South Wales – Qianyi Lim, Sibling Architecture

Queensland – Tanya Golitschenko, Hassel

South Australia – Dave Bickmore and Graham Charbonneau, Studio Gram

Tasmania – Jason Licht, Licht Architecture

Victoria – Daniel Moore, Open Creative Studio

Western Australia – Matt Delroy-Carr, MDC Architects

Australian Capital Territory


Kate has returned from studying and working overseas to her hometown of Canberra bringing with her a strong focus on community, identity and placemaking.

Through her work, Kate’s intent is to bring together practice, research and education. She strives to positively contribute to the public realm both through professional work at Rob Henry Architects and an ongoing teaching role at the University of Canberra, where she is able to directly influence the future designers of Canberra and the built environment. 



Matt Delroy-Carr is a graduate from the School of Architecture, University of Western Australia and is the director of MDC Architects.

Matt’s focus on design lies within an intent to create experiences through a simple understanding of materials and space. His fundamental belief is that architecture should be for everyone, and is central to an improved quality of life.



Daniel is an architect and director of Open Creative Studio, an emerging architecture, design, and creative firm that specialises in environmentally conscious projects. In addition to design projects, Daniel also has a keen interest in communications producing podcasts and working as a professional voice-over artist.



Tanya is an Architectural Associate at HASSELL, living and working on Quandamooka, Jagera and Turrbal Country.

Tanya is passionate about Public Realm Architecture, specifically Rail and Transport and is currently the lead Architect on the Cross River Rail RIS project.  In addition to improving the region’s mobility network, the new station nodes are envisioned as an opportunity to catalyse urban renewal and precinct development.

New South Wales


Qianyi Lim leads Sibling Architecture’s office in Sydney.

Qianyi works across all scales of projects and problem-solving from exhibition design to large-scale civic buildings. Qianyi has a real interest in civic architecture where the design offers up space to the city through a series of spatial strategies. Qianyi’s attention to the future of Australia’s cities and regions has seen her speak at cultural festivals and institutions across Australia, including the Sherman Centre for Cultural Ideas, MPavilion and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.



The team at studio-gram are collaborators. They enjoy working together with all project team members and client groups. Their project teams range from art directors and photographers, to botanists and permaculturists, through to audio specialists and mixologists.

Each project is treated with the same respect, research and investigations as the last, creating designs that meet the aspirations of the clients, respond to site conditions, and create experiences for future occupants.



Jason is the director of his own practice, Licht Architecture, and has extensive project experience in commercial, heritage and conservation projects, restaurants, boutique hotels, multi-residential & boutique residential projects.

He loves to work on projects big and small and currently am working on projects all across Tasmania – from Hobart where he is  based, all the way up to the north west coast where he grew up on a dairy farm. Jason is also working on projects across the ‘ditch’ in Victoria. 

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2021 Winner

2021 National Emerging Architect Prize Winner | Dino Vrynios

2021 National Emerging Architect - Dino Vrynios, DAS Studio

Dino Vrynios has continuously and passionately engaged himself in all aspects of architecture and the community, tirelessly searching for and achieving his studio motto, “Make better.” After graduating from the University of South Australia, he quickly established a high-responsibility career within practice, while determinedly contributing to many new initiatives within the Australian Institute of Architects as well as the broader local community.

Dino’s dedication to work outside his practice is exemplary, including: co-founding the Festival of Architecture and Design (FAD) and undertaking the role of creative director; developing and expanding the Future Forum initiative in partnership with the South Australian chapter of the Institute; creating the 20 Minute City Podcast in collaboration with Citymag; researching modular construction and co-founding commercial organizations Escapod and MDLR; and sitting on the board of directors for Tutti Arts, a disability arts not-for-profit. Dino’s tireless work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit have seen him receive the Jack Hobbs McConnell Travelling Fellowship (2015), Indaily’s 40 Under 40 award (2020) and multiple state architectural awards within his previous practice.

After a frank acknowledgement of the toll a heavy workload can have on individual wellbeing, Dino re-evaluated his direction and established DAS Studio with his partner in 2019. The practice has grown rapidly and become a “home” for a group of mostly young graduates and recently registered architects in which knowledge sharing, mentoring and wellbeing are a focus. Dino has proven himself to be an influential and entrepreneurial leader as he continues to spread his enthusiasm about architecture and its capacity to create a better world.

2021 Chapter Winners

Australian Capital Territory – Sander de Vries, SQC Group

New South Wales – Alexander Symes, Alexander Symes Architect

Queensland – Tamarind Taylor, Conrad Gargett

South Australia – Dino Vrynios, DAS Studio

Tasmania – Emily Ouston, Core Collective

Victoria – Jacqui Alexander and Ben Sheridan, Alexander Sheridan Architecture

Western Australia – Louise Ward, Hillam Architects

International – Luke Hayward, atelier Luke 

Previous winners

Rodney Eggleston

Congratulations to the 2019 national Emerging Architect - Rodney Eggleston, march studios

‘From an exceptional field of contenders, Rodney Eggleston is a most deserving winner of this year’s National Emerging Architect Prize. Graduating from RMIT University in 2006, Rodney founded March Studio in 2007 with graphic designer Anne-Laure Cavigneaux.

With relentless consistency, Rodney and the other members of March Studio demonstrate design excellence in everything they do. They inspire our industry by continuing to innovate with material explorations and experimental methods – all with an entrepreneurial spirit. This leadership is demonstrated across the board in retail, residential, cultural, hospitality and furniture design. March Studio has been awarded numerous state, national and international awards. Rodney is a regular contributor to the architectural profession as an awards juror, a speaker at forums and a visiting teacher at RMIT University. His passion for and contribution to various community groups through his voluntary efforts is admirable. Having very much already emerged, Rodney is to be congratulated on a truly impressive body of work. We look forward to his continuing connection to the Australian Institute of Architects.’ – Jury Citation

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