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Victorian CHAPTER

The Victorian Chapter manages a suite of programs to support our members and create opportunities for their professional growth. We are the voice of the Institute in Victoria and we actively engage with state and local government to promote the interests of our members, the community in relation to the built environment, and the architectural profession in general.

We recognise works of our local architects through the Victorian Architecture Awards and we foster a knowledge-sharing culture through our publications and our large, medium and small practice forums.

The Victorian Chapter acknowledges the traditional owners of the site on which our office stands, the people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

Bendigo Hospital | Silver Thomas Hanley with Bates Smart | Photographer: Shannon McGrath

Our Chapter and National Awards programs are an opportunity for public and peer recognition of the valuable contribution architecture makes to our communities locally, nationally and internationally.

Each year, the Victorian Chapter offers a range of prizes and scholarships to recognise and encourage the work of our members.

Fellowship is awarded to those who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the architecture profession beyond architecture practice.

Point Lonsdale House | Edition Office | Photograph: Ben Hosking

A series of online discussion groups where members can connect with each other, share ideas, and learn from each other.

National Award for Residential Architecture Multiple Housing | Nightingale 1 | Breathe Architecture | Photographer: Peter Clarke

The Institute is committed to developing and promoting a strong architectural profession and advocating for safer, more sustainable communities. Learn about local and national advocacy initiatives.

The Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture Houses (New) | House on the Coast | Sean Godsell Architects | Photographer: Earl Carter

Continuing Professional Development is an important avenue to improve professional knowledge and competence.

View our range of online and face-to-face CPD opportunities.

National Commendation for Residential Architecture Houses (New) | Compound House | March Studio | Photographer: Peter Bennetts

Meet our Chapter Councillors and discover our local committees helping shape our work and the built environment.

Architect Victoria is the official publication of the Institute’s Victorian Chapter.

We work in dedicated partnership with you to align your business with our focused programs, events and members.


The Institute’s Architecture for Quality and Sustainability in Victoria campaign highlights the 2022 Victorian Election Priorities mapped out by the Victorian Chapter Council and Policy and Advocacy team.

There are six election priorities that summarise what the Victorian Chapter finds most important and seeks to put forward to the next Victorian Government.

We encourage you to share these priorities with local candidates in your electorate.

Nightingale Ballarat | Breathe | Photographer: Kate Longley

Keep registered architects on the ARBV

The Victorian Building Planning and Heritage Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 will make a number of changes to the Architects Act 1991 which regulates the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV). Clause 88 of the bill overhauls Section 47 of the Architects Act which sets out the current 10-member board’s composition and appointment process.

This is an important issue and we encourage Victorian members to stay updated.

people sitting watching presentation
2022 Symposium Lost Opportunities | Photographer:

Continuing Professional Development

The Victorian Chapter operates its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program in Melbourne and regional Victoria. CPD events include technical presentations on materials and products from industry players, and workshops and seminars covering topics around the four areas of competency standards – design, documentation, project delivery and practice management.

We also hold two Practice of Architecture Learning Series each year with face-to-face tutorials to help members prepare for the Architectural Practice Examination and refresh core knowledge for practice.

National Mentoring Program

Mentorloop is the mentoring platform which enables members to easily match with other members of the Institute community. Utilising online specialist matching software, mentors and mentees will find a carefully curated match across the country or closer to home should that be your preference.

For mentees: as you progress in your studies and career, connect with new mentors who can offer support, advice and opportunities. By using the program, you will be empowered to build your very own advisory board, whose experience you can draw on throughout the course of your career.

For mentors: this is a great chance to give back while improving your leadership and management skills by providing advice and feedback to someone who can really use your help.

Contact for more information.


Fellowship is awarded to members who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the profession beyond the practice of architecture.

Criteria for elevation:

  1. Time: A minimum of 12 years as a voting member (Chapter Councils may
    consider a lesser period of membership as a special case)
  2. Contribution: Evidence of a significant contribution to the profession
  3. Endorsement: Recommendation and endorsement of reasons for elevation by
    two voting members.


Life Fellow is the highest honour class of RAIA membership available to members practicing architecture. Fellowship is awarded to those who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the architecture profession beyond architecture practice. Life Fellows are endorsed by National Council.

Professor Robert Adams LFRAIA, Mr Bruce Allen LFRAIA, Mr Anthony Arnel LFRAIA, Mr Donald Bailey LFRAIA, Mr Edward Baillieu LFRAIA, Mrs Susan Balderstone LFRAIA, Mr William Barlow LFRAIA, Mr Donald Bates LFRAIA, Ms Ingrid Bakker LFRAIA, Ms Regina Bron LFRAIA, Ms Vanessa Bird LFRAIA, Professor Graham Brawn LFRAIA, Mr Robert Bruce LFRAIA, Mr Gregory Burgess LFRAIA, Mr Peter Carmichael LFRAIA, Mr Dennis Carter LFRAIA, Mr John Castles LFRAIA, Mr Robert Caulfield LFRAIA, Mr Leslie Clarke LFRAIA, Mr Jonathan Clements LFRAIA, Mr Robin Cocks LFRAIA, Mr William Corker LFRAIA, Ms Clare Cousins LFRAIA, Mr Peter Crone LFRAIA, Mrs Anne Cunningham LFRAIA, Ms Suzanne Dance LFRAIA, Mrs Francesca Davenport LFRAIA, Mr John Davidson LFRAIA, Mr John Denton LFRAIA, Ms Sarah Draper LFRAIA, Ms Meaghan Dwyer LFRAIA, Ms Margaret Edmond LFRAIA, Professor Peter Elliott LFRAIA, Mr Neil Evans LFRAIA, Mr Karl Fender LFRAIA, Ms Jillian Garner LFRAIA, Ms Elisabetta Giannini LFRAIA, Mr Kenneth Gilillan LFRAIA, Professor Philip Goad LFRAIA, Mr Sean Godsell LFRAIA, Mr Reginald Grouse LFRAIA, Dr Graeme Gunn LFRAIA, Mr Simon Hanger LFRAIA, Mr Peter Hirst LFRAIA, Mr Daryl Jackson LFRAIA, Mr Ewan Jones LFRAIA, Mr Thomas Jordan LFRAIA, Mr Charles Justin LFRAIA, Mr Epaminondas Katsalidis LFRAIA, Mrs Ann Keddie LFRAIA, Mr John King LFRAIA, Mr Allen Kong LFRAIA , Mr Carey Lyon LFRAIA , Professor Corbett Lyon LFRAIA, Mr Hamish Lyon LFRAIA, Mr Peter Maddison LFRAIA, Mr Peter Malatt LFRAIA, Mr Barrington Marshall LFRAIA, Mr Brian Mathieson LFRAIA , Mr Robert McBride LFRAIA , Professor Ian McDougall LFRAIA, Mr Robert McGauran LFRAIA, Mrs Dione McIntyre LFRAIA, Professor Robert McIntyre LFRAIA, Mr Bryan Miller LFRAIA, Mrs Phyllis Murphy LFRAIA, Professor Shane Murray LFRAIA, Mr Anthony Mussen LFRAIA, Mr Charles Nelson LFRAIA, Mrs Jenifer Nicholls LFRAIA, Ms Rachel Nolan LFRAIA, Mr Hugh O’Neill LFRAIA, Mr Roman Pavlyshyn LFRAIA, Mr Robert Peck LFRAIA, Mr Michael Peck LFRAIA, Ms Shelley Penn LFRAIA, Mr Roger Poole LFRAIA, Mr Allan Powell LFRAIA, Professor Howard Raggatt LFRAIA, Professor Dimity Reed LFRAIA, Professor Allan Rodger LFRAIA, Mr David Sainsbery LFRAIA, Mr Peter Sanders LFRAIA, Mr Robert Sinclair LFRAIA, Mr Robert Stent LFRAIA, Mr Tony Styant-Browne LFRAIA, Ms Kerstin Thompson LFRAIA, Professor Leonardus van Schaik LFRAIA, Ms Yvonne von Hartel LFRAIA, Mr John Wardle LFRAIA, Mr Peter Williams LFRAIA, Ms Ruth Wilson LFRAIA, Mr Roger Wood LFRAIA.


Mr Michael Adams FRAIA, Ms Karen Alcock FRAIA, Mr Benjamin Alexander FRAIA, Mr Jose Alfano FRAIA, Mr Mark Allan FRAIA, Mr Anthony Allen FRAIA, Mr Neil Appleton FRAIA, Mr Paul Archibald FRAIA, Mr Anthony Armstrong FRAIA, Mr Edward Ashton FRAIA, Mr Barry Axtens FRAIA, Mr Richard Barrack FRAIA, Mr John Baulch FRAIA, Mr Serdar Baycan FRAIA, Ms Kirsty Bennett FRAIA, Mr Theodore Berman FRAIA, Ms Helen Berthelsen FRAIA, Mr Nigel Bertram FRAIA, Mr Michael Bialek FRAIA, Mr Ronald Billard FRAIA, Mr Tim Black FRAIA, Mr David Blanche FRAIA, Mr Neil Blyth FRAIA, Mr Rico Bonaldi FRAIA, Mr Richard Booth FRAIA, Mr Noel Bradbury FRAIA, Mr Stephen Brooke FRAIA, Mr Peter Brown FRAIA, Ms Emmil Browne FRAIA, Ms Sarah Buckeridge FRAIA, Mr Ian Burch FRAIA, Ms Rosemary Burne FRAIA, Mr Mark Burry FRAIA, Mr Keith Butler FRAIA, Mr Kerry Callaghan FRAIA, Mr Vito Cassisi FRAIA, Mr William Chancellor FRAIA, Mr John Chandler FRAIA, Mr Seong Kai Chen FRAIA, Mr Craig Chester FRAIA, Mrs Elizabeth Chilton FRAIA, Mr John Chow FRAIA, Mr Tah Wen Chu FRAIA, Mr Ross Clark FRAIA, Ms Sophie Cleland FRAIA, Mr Peter Cole FRAIA, Ms Catherine Colla FRAIA, Mr Allan Collier FRAIA, Mr Walter Colman FRAIA, Mr Neville Cowland FRAIA, Mr Geoffrey Croker FRAIA, Mr John Cuming FRAIA, Mr John Cuthbert FRAIA, Mr Peter Dale FRAIA, Mrs Errol Day FRAIA, Mr Alfred de Bruyne FRAIA, Mr Neil de la Coeur FRAIA, Mr Ernest Dianiska FRAIA, Mr Leigh Dicker FRAIA, Mr Antony DiMase FRAIA, Mr Lindsay Douglas FRAIA, Ms Anne Douglas FRAIA, Ms Catherine Duggan FRAIA, Ms Fiona Dunin FRAIA,  Mr Kenneth Edmonds FRAIA, Mr Frederick Edwards FRAIA, Mr Geoffrey Ellis FRAIA, Mr Michael Ellis FRAIA, Mr Harry Ernest FRAIA, Mr Richard Falkinger FRAIA, Mr Richard Farrar FRAIA, Mr John Fawcett FRAIA, Mr Andrew Fedorowicz FRAIA, Mr James Fisher FRAIA, Ms Deborah Fisher FRAIA, Mr Kenneth Fitchett FRAIA, Mr Adrian FitzGerald FRAIA, Ms Hayley Franklin FRAIA, Mr Callum Fraser FRAIA, Mr Clive Fredman FRAIA, Ms Sandra Freeman FRAIA, Mr Karlis Freiverts FRAIA, Mr James Garward FRAIA, Mr Peter Georgiev FRAIA, Mr Walter Gherardin FRAIA, Mr Matt Gibson FRAIA, Mr Donald Goldsworthy FRAIA, Mr Robert Goodliffe FRAIA, Mr Greville Gowty FRAIA, Mr Donald Graham FRAIA, Mr Alan Green FRAIA, Mr Kelvin Greenway FRAIA, Mr Balcombe Griffiths FRAIA, Mr John Gurry FRAIA, Ms Victoria Hamer FRAIA, Mr David Hampton FRAIA, Mr Max Hardman FRAIA, Mr Philip Harmer FRAIA, Mr Stuart Harrison FRAIA, Miss Constance Hart FRAIA, Mr George Hastings FRAIA, Mr Mervyn Hayman-Danker FRAIA, Mr Lyndon Hayward FRAIA Mr Paul Hede FRAIA, Ms Laura Held FRAIA, Mr Robert Henderson FRAIA, Mr William Henning FRAIA, Mr John Henry FRAIA, Ms Susan Hill FRAIA, Mr James Hobba FRAIA, Mr Jack Honson FRAIA, Mr Bradley Hooper FRAIA, Mr David Hopkins FRAIA, Mr John Hunt FRAIA, Mr Timothy Hurburgh FRAIA, Mr John Ingram FRAIA, Ms Kim Irons FRAIA, Mr David Islip FRAIA, Ms Mary Ann Jackson FRAIA, Ms Wendy Jacobs FRAIA, Mr Stephen Javens FRAIA, Mr Peter Johnson FRAIA, Mrs Josephine Johnson FRAIA, Mr Colin Jones FRAIA, Mr Graeme Jones FRAIA, Mr Greg Jones FRAIA, Mr Erwin Kaldor FRAIA, Mr Nicholas Katris FRAIA, Mr Paul Katsieris FRAIA, Mr Trevor Keetley FRAIA, Mr Russell Kemp FRAIA, Mr Patrick Kennedy FRAIA, Mr Walter Kiessling FRAIA, Mr Robert Kitching FRAIA, Mr Simon Knott FRAIA, Mr Robert Knott FRAIA, Mr Stephan Kosa FRAIA, Mr Ivo Krivanek FRAIA, Mr Bill Krotiris FRAIA, Mr Ian Laging FRAIA, Ms Ann Lau FRAIA, Mr Eddy Lau FRAIA, Mr Chau Dinh Le FRAIA, Mr John Lee FRAIA, Mr Harry Lee FRAIA, Mr Raymond Lee FRAIA, Mr Then Loy Lee FRAIA, Mr James Legge FRAIA, Mr Richard Leonard FRAIA, Mr Kwai Choy Leong FRAIA, Mr Timothy Leslie FRAIA, Mr Joseph Lewit FRAIA, Mr Ernest Long FRAIA, Mr Harcourt Long FRAIA, Mr Ian Longstaff FRAIA,  Mr Roderick Macdonald FRAIA, Mr Ian Macdonald FRAIA, Mr Alasdair Macleod FRAIA, Mr Joseph Macnaughtan FRAIA, Mr John Malina FRAIA, Mr Robert Martin FRAIA, Mr Neil Masterton FRAIA, Ms Helen Mathew FRAIA, Mr Gary Mathisen FRAIA, Mr Peter Matters FRAIA, Mr Andrew Maynard FRAIA, Mr Michael McCabe FRAIA, Mr Paul McDonald FRAIA, Mr Ian McEwan FRAIA, Ms Lucinda McLean FRAIA, Mr Jeremy McLeod FRAIA, Mr Thomas McNeilly FRAIA, Mr Stefan Mee FRAIA, Ms Naomi Milgrom Hon.FRAIA, Mr Albert Mo FRAIA, Mr Geoffrey Mould FRAIA, Ms Amy Muir FRAIA, Mr Malcolm Munro FRAIA, Mr Ian Napier FRAIA, Mr Roger Nelson FRAIA, Ms Marika Neustupny FRAIA, Mr Nick Nigro FRAIA, Ms Judith North FRAIA, Mr Terence Nott FRAIA, Mr Rowan Opat FRAIA, Mr Darren Overend FRAIA, Mr Thomas Paciocco FRAIA, Mr Karlis Padoms FRAIA, Mr Neville Page FRAIA, Mr William Patrick FRAIA, Mr John Permewan FRAIA, Mr Edgard Pirrotta FRAIA, Mr Derek Pitt FRAIA, Mr David Prest FRAIA, Mr Llewellyn Pritchard FRAIA, Mr Robert Puksand FRAIA, Mr Peter Quigley FRAIA, Mr Ronald Rayment FRAIA Mr Bryce Raworth FRAIA Mr Ronald Quirk FRAIA, Mr Raivo Rahni FRAIA, Mr Graham Reid FRAIA, Mr John Reid FRAIA, Ms Helen Rice FRAIA, Mr Ivan Rijavec FRAIA, Mr Nazzareno Rizzo FRAIA, Ms Shelley Roberts FRAIA, Ms Angela Roennfeldt FRAIA, Mr Robert Rogers FRAIA, Mr Shane Rothe FRAIA, Mr John Rouse FRAIA, Mr Saul Rozenbes FRAIA, Mr Geoffrey Rule FRAIA, Mr James Sadler FRAIA, Mr Janis Saltups FRAIA, Ms Nadine Samaha FRAIA, Mr John Sanderson FRAIA, Mr Peter Saul FRAIA, Mr Geoffrey Saunders FRAIA, Mr Hugh Schroeder FRAIA, Mr Graham Scott-Bohanna FRAIA, Ms Francis Secomb FRAIA, Mr Chris Shields FRAIA, Mr Robert Simeoni FRAIA, Ms Phyllis Simons FRAIA, Mr David Simpson FRAIA, Mr Peter Sli irski FRAIA, Mr Brian Smith FRAIA, Mr Ian Smith FRAIA, Mr Mun Kok Soon FRAIA, Mr Michael Spivakovsky FRAIA, Mr Rajanathan Sri Balasubramaniam FRAIA, Mr James Staughton FRAIA, Mr Kelvin Steel FRAIA, Mr Keith Streames FRAIA, Mr Peter Stynes FRAIA, Mr Alan Synman FRAIA, Mr Zbignew Szczepanski FRAIA, Mr Mah Hoon Tan FRAIA, Mr Vernon Tansley FRAIA, Mr Phillip Templeton FRAIA, Ms Delia Teschendorff FRAIA, Mr Conrad Theodore FRAIA, Mr Bruce Trethowan FRAIA, Mr Peter Tsitas FRAIA, Mr Richard Underwood FRAIA, Mr Johannes Van Dyk FRAIA, Ms Jacqueline Wagner FRAIA, Mr Anton Vukosav FRAIA, Mr David Wagner FRAIA, Mr Klaus-Juergen Veltjens FRAIA, Mr Peter Vernon FRAIA, Mr Robert Watson FRAIA, Mr Stuart Warmington FRAIA, Mr James Webb FRAIA, Mr Graham Whitford FRAIA, Mr Choo Keng Wee FRAIA, Mr Abraham Weinstock FRAIA, Mr Grant Withers FRAIA, Mr John Witorz FRAIA, Mr Gary Wolff FRAIA, Mr William Woodburn FRAIA, Mr Scott Woodward FRAIA, Ms Louise Wright FRAIA, Ms Barbara Yerondais FRAIA, Mr Ampalavanar Yogaparan FRAIA, Mr Wilbur Ziersch FRAIA.    

Chapter Staff

Dylan Borg
Projects Lead
Natasha Ugrinic
Awards & Events Coordinator
Elisa Persico
Member Services Officer
Reece agland
Advocacy & Policy Manager
Justine McMahon
Chapter Coordinator


Manisha Prakash
Partnerships & Events Lead
Emma Adams

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The Victorian Chapter has rooms for hire from informal meeting spaces to our large boardroom with seating up to 15 pax and flexible event space for large seminars, functions and lectures. Email book.

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