Health and wellbeing survey

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We want you to tell us what it is like to be a design student today, what your experiencing and how organisations like the Institute and universities can do to support the next wave of design talent.  

Your participation in this survey is vital as the data collected will be used to start a dialogue about the issues which architecture students face, highlighting trends from specific universities and providing clear opportunities and direction for positive change for students within the built environment.  

The survey will only take you about 10 mins to complete – it’s a small amount of time that will make such a huge contribution. 

From the SONA President

Dear SONA Members,

Why are we doing this survey?

SONA (Student Organised Network for Architecture) is the national student membership body of the Australian Institute of Architects. The Institute is the main peak body representing the entire Architecture profession in Australia. The Institute has the representation and resources needed to advocate for the profession across industry, education and government.  

SONA’s members represent the student voice of this peak body. As a collective we have the opportunity to utilize the power of the Institute to create change. 

What makes this survey unique?

We understand that students are often asked for feedback through the means of surveys from faculties, tutors and other education organisations. Our survey is unique, as it has been made by students, for students.  

Why does your contribution matter?

Each and every student is unique. We all share a diverse set of demographic backgrounds, universities and experiences. For our voice to be loud, we need a large number of students to respond. But for our voice to be heard, we need to represent all of you and all of your diversity. The survey will only take you approximately 10 minutes to complete – it’s a small amount of time for you to make sure our voice is heard. 

How will your survey results be used?

The results will help us understand how we can better serve you as an organisation.The results of this survey will provide us with the evidence base needed to compel both our internal and external stakeholders in supporting the quality of our education, our student experience and wellbeing, and our preparedness for work. 

P.s. All entrants can nominate to go into the draw to win – Elements of Architecture valued at $200! 

Kind Regards, 

Leanne Haidar  
SONA President  
Australian Institute of Architects 

Leanne Haidar, SONA President