Become a SONA Representative at your University

2020 SONA Reps

Become a SONA Representative at your university

2021 applications now open for select universities

Applications have closed for 2021 for most universities with positions appointed 

Applications are still open for students from the following universities, 

 Torrens University, VIC

Position focus

To deliver relevant and engaging services to local SONA members and students across Australia.

To encourage a student studio culture, of critique and camaraderie. To intensify student’s university study and social experiences, providing opportunities for professional networking and career development.

To provide a student perspective to Australian Institute of Architects’ committees and focus groups. To advocate for student talent through publications, competitions and prizes.


This position reports to the SONA Executive, consisting of the SONA President, the SONA President Elect and the SONA Vice Presidents.

The position also reports to National Membership Services Manager, National Membership Engagement Officer and your local Chapter staff.

You will also have the opportunity to build relationships with other SONA Representatives from universities across Australia, architecture and, students in general.

SONA members at Bond University O Week 2020

Responsibilities and requirements

Griffith University O Week 2019


Develop an understanding of what SONA offers and assist in communicating this effectively to students. Represent yourself, your university, university colleagues, SONA and the Australian Institute of Architects. Typical responsibilities of a SONA rep may include,

  • Working with your local chapter to organise local events, this may include office crawls, portfolio review nights and competitions.
  • Working with the Institute and SONA executive to assist in delivering national events in your state, such as design competitions.
  • Participation in regular meetings, teleconference calls and email communications with SONA exec and Institute staff.
  • Manage your states SONA Instagram account, following the Institutes branding and social media policies.
  • Commit to approximately two hours of SONA related activities per week.
  • Using provided templates and following the Institute branding guidelines to create graphics for local and national events for social media.

Position requirements


You should be currently enrolled (and enrolled in 2021) in an architectural Bachelor or Master’s degree or studying a built environment related course at an Australian university.

When you apply you must be a current SONA member. If you are not a SONA member, you can join here.

Personal competencies

  • You are an effective communicator
  • You are organised and you complete tasks in a timely manner
  • You are a team player
  • You are an innovative thinker
  • You are comfortable with public speaking
  • You have intermediate InDesign skills
  • You have exceptional management skills to juggle your role with university priorities.

What you can look forward to

Benefits of being a SONA Rep

  • Free SONA membership for the year that you are in term
  • Become a leader at your university and advocate for students
  • Learn more about the Australian architecture profession
  • Enliven your campus culture
  • Help other students become involved in the profession
  • Be part of a community of likeminded design students and professionals.

What do you stand for?

Tell us what you believe you can contribute to the role, how will you make a difference to students and architecture through your involvement as a SONA Rep in 2020?

*If the Institute feels that you aren’t appropriately meeting these responsibilities you may be asked to step down at any time.

Don’t forget we’ll be here to help you throughout the year.

Mentoring at SuperStudio 2019

Become a SONA rep

Apply today

Applications are open for students from the following universities. 

 Torrens University, VIC 

All other universities applications are closed 

Your details

Your academic referee

Your platform statement

Student testimonials

Courtney Albertini | 2020 SONA Rep | University of Queensland

Courtney Albertini

SONA representative
University of Queensland 2020
3rd Year Bachelors

I was a SONA member from first year and I loved connecting with other students through the events. I found SONA was really helpful with giving advice, navigating around finding jobs, portfolio advice etc. meeting professionals and doing office crawls. I wanted to be involved in this process and give students similar experiences. 

SONA has already given so many opportunities, from meeting and making friendships with architecture students from all over Australia. It has given me a better understanding of how the Institute and state chapters work behind the scenes and their crucial role in the industry. I have also been able to challenge myself in ways I didn’t expect, grow confidence as a leader, be a better advocate for those needing help and develop better inter-personal and time-management skills.  

Be prepared to dedicate chunks of time to SONA – make sure you balance work and play time, and reach out for help if you ever need – there is a very strong support network here.  

Aremel Tibayan

SONA representative
Deakin University 2020
3rd Year Bachelors

I decided to become a SONA Representative to further support the architecture/built environment student community at Deakin University, in Victoria and around Australia.

My favourite experience as a SONA Representative was organising Online SONA Events for the student community of architecture/built environment for Deakin University.  I have learnt many skills which I believe can be applied while I am completing my studies and after graduating. In particular, the most valuable skill that I was able to further develop was working in a team and, with a diverse range of people. Also, while organising Online SONA Events, I was able to meet and work with other Deakin Architecture/Built Environment students and the teaching staff. Overall, I am thankful for the experience of being able to further contribute my support towards the student community of architecture/built environment at my university.

The advice I would give to students considering becoming a SONA Representative are: Firstly, ensure that you can properly manage your time between your studies or work and responsibilities as a SONA Representative (for example, organising national or local events). Secondly, maintain regular communication with others which includes collaboration and cooperation between other SONA Representatives, Committee Members and the Executive Team. Finally, be determined and try to share your ideas/vision about what you wish to achieve as a SONA Representative.

Aremel Tibayan | 2020 SONA Rep | Deakin University
Tom Huntingford | 2020 SONA Rep | University of Melbourne

Thomas Huntingford

SONA representative
University of Melbourne 2020

My decision to become a SONA rep was based on what I saw as an opportunity to effect change within my university and push issues that impacted upon myself and my peers.

SONA has provided the opportunity to become involved with the institute by engaging with the various committees and forums that form the basis of how it delivers advocacy and operates as the peak body of the architectural profession. Through these opportunities I have been exposed to and had the opportunity to be involved with the work being conducted by members to advance architecture. Additionally, through SONA I have connected with like minded peers throughout the country and found myself part of a highly motivated group of students who are passionate about architecture and design.

My favourite experience has been having the opportunity to sit on the Editorial Committee for Architecture Victoria. Not only has it been an immensely valuable learning experience but I also have a strong interest in Architectural Publications and so having the opportunity to be directly involved has been invaluable.

To students considering applying for SONA rep I would firstly encourage you strongly to do it. Secondly, I would say consider what role SONA currently plays in your university and how you might like to build upon what has been done before. Try to focus on what you think is truly valuable to students and start to think about the ways you might go about enacting these things.