Kingswood house, living room
2020 John Schenk Award | Kingswood House | Archaea Architects | Photographer: Sam Noonan


The EmAGN Project Award was developed by the South Australia Chapter and EmAGN committee. Introduced into the SA Chapter Awards program in 2021, the award received entries of considerable calibre with the inaugural EmAGN Project Award going to Kingswood House by Archaea – also, the recipient of the Named Award in its primary category. 

After the successful pilot of this award in the South Australia Chapter Awards program, The Australian Institute of Architects is pleased to announce the EmAGN Project Award will be included in the Chapter Architecture Awards programs in all states and territories in 2022.  

Introducing this award in all states and territories awards programs demonstrates the Institute’s ongoing commitment to recognising and encouraging emerging practitioners to continue to produce outstanding work and to contribute to public discourse about our changing profession.  

About the Award

The EmAGN Project Award is a celebration of a project that has come about through the process of valuing and recognising the contributions members of the EmAGN demographic make, in the areas of leadership, collaboration and application of expertise and quality of architecture.  

The aim of the prize is to recognise members from within the EmAGN demographic whom, through the project:

  • Fostered a team culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing and provided opportunities for members from within the EmAGN demographic to contribute and add value to the project.  
  • Promoted the advancement of members from within the EmAGN demographic through providing opportunities for mentoring and professional and personal development. 
  • Applied expertise and advanced the quality of architecture though their involvement as project team leaders and team members. 

Entering the award

The award will be entered as an indirect, ‘self-nominated’ category through the National Primary categories through an additional check box and statement (in the same process as the Sustainability and Colorbond categories are entered).
No additional entry fees are required.  


Find out more about entry dates, eligibility requirements and  entering the awards on this page.

Kingswood House, interior view of kitchen
2020 John Schenk Award | Kingswood House | Archaea Architects | Photographer: Sam Noonan


To be eligible to enter the EmAGN Project Award, entrants must demonstrate they meet at least one of the eligibility requirements and all entry requirements listed below. To support your entry, you are required to submit a summary demonstrating how this project has positively impacted and advanced the work of emerging practitioners and the contributions members from within the EmAGN demographic made to the project.

Eligibility requirements

  • At least 75% of the project team is represented by members from within the EmAGN demographic
  • The lead project architect for this project is part of the EmAGN demographic

Entry requirements

  • The lead project architect must be a member of the Institute
  • The project must be entered into a primary category (if the project is listed in multiple categories, the EmAGN Project Award can only be nominated through one of these categories).

NOTE The practice directors are not required to be from the EmAGN demographic for the project to be entered. Eligibility is based on the composition of the project team.


All entries received by the due date will be judged by a Chapter Jury.  

The Jury members will comprise of the Jury Chairs of the Primary Categories in Architecture Awards Program. 

The Chapter Jury will select one (1) Chapter winner, noting that juries are not obligated to select a Chapter winner if the pool of candidates does not warrant a decision.  

NOTE This award is a recognised at a chapter level, Chapter winners will not progress to the National jury for judging.  

Chapter and National juries will judge entries based on the following criteria:

    Demonstrate how through this project, members from the EmAGN demographic have been encouraged and provided opportunities for them to develop professionally. Where the team leader for this project is from the EmAGN demographic, how has working on the project allowed them to develop as a project leader.
    Detail how this project promoted the advancement of members of the EmAGN demographic, providing examples of a team culture of collaboration and learning that provides opportunities for EmAGN demographic members to contribute and add meaningful value to this project.
    Highlight the key contributions the team members from the EmAGN demographic made to this project. Provide examples of any particular skill/knowledge brought to this project.

2020 Emagn PROJECT AWARD Winner

Kingswood House by Archaea was the recipient of the John Schenk Award for Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions) and the inaugural winner of the Emerging Project Award in South Australia. The entry articulated how the project had enabled the project lead to develop leadership skills and grow the design services offered by the practice, as well as facilitating mentoring of a graduate who also worked on the project.

The entry demonstrated the emerging practice’s commitment to deliver architecture of great value while also ensuring the knowledge and design processes are passed onto the next generation.

Kingswood House, exterior view of the back of the house
2020 John Schenk Award | Kingswood House | Archaea Architects | Photographer: Sam Noonan

Expression of interest

More information

Registrations are now open and will close 18 August 2021.

All verified Registrants will be issued competition documents from 21 July 2021, which is when the competition launches.

We intend to verify all Registrant’s eligibility as quickly as possible.
However, please allow up to five working days for registrations to be verified against eligibility criteria.

Please note the following eligibility criteria that must be met by every competitor.

Entrants must:

  1. Be a member of the Australian Institute of Architects;
  2. Be within 15 years of graduation of the AACA Accredited Master of Architecture degree (or equivalent);
  3. Have first been registered as an Architect anywhere in Australia not more than 10 years ago; and,
  4. Be currently registered, or eligible to be registered, with any of the Architect Registration Boards in Australia.

Entrants may collaborate with a more experienced Institute member to complete their Submission, however, the Authorised Representative must meet the requirements of eligibility.

Entrants must be eligible to enter, in accordance with this clause, at the time of Registration.

Expression of interest form

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