Victorian Chapter Prizes

Each year, the Victorian Chapter offers a range of prizes and scholarships to recognise and encourage the work of our members:

You can find information about National Prizes including the Gold Medal, Dulux Study Tour and Paula Whitman Leadership in Gender Equity Prize here. Information on the Victorian Architecture Awards can be found here. For questions related to the Victorian Chapter prizes and scholarships, please email


The Student Ideas Prize is an annual design and ideas competition open to all students undertaking an ACCA accredited Bachelor/Master of Architecture Course in Victoria.

The competition is an opportunity to provide recognition and encouragement to students across the architecture schools in Victoria by showcasing and promoting the outstanding contribution they are already making to the profession.

2022  Sam Shaw (University of Melbourne)
2020  Matthew Christy (Monash University)
2017  Alexander Lytas, Kyla Sabrina, Yadamsuren Idenbayar (Monash University)
2015  Yuchen Zuo (RMIT)


The Graduate Prize is awarded annually by the Victorian Chapter providing recognition and encouragement for architecture graduates as they embark on their professional careers. Celebrating student design excellence, the prize is awarded to the most outstanding design project carried out in the final year of the Master of Architecture degree or equivalent.

2022  Jeremy Bonwick (Melbourne University)

2021  Ashlee Murphy (Deakin University)

2020  Victoria King (Melbourne University)

2019  Louis Nuccitelli (RMIT University)

2018  Bradley Mitchell (RMIT University)

2017  Tommy Aik Heng (Melbourne University)

2016  Will Priestley (Melbourne University)
2016  Megan Jones (Deakin University)
2016  Cameron Newnham (RMIT University)
2016  Hilary Duff (Monash University)

2015  Andrew Lim (Monash University)
2015  Xuân Sơn Nguyễn (RMIT University)
2015  Kurt Jury (Melbourne University)
2015  Aaron Cody (Deakin University)

2014  James Bowman Fletcher (Monash University)
2014  Georgina Karavasil (RMIT University)
2014  Mikhail Rodricks (Melbourne University)
2014  Albert Fraval (Deakin University)

2013  Brandon Gardiner (Deakin University)
2013  Ben Shields (Melbourne University)
2013  Simon Linardi (RMIT University)
2013  Edwina Brisbane (Monash University)

2012  Holly Farley (Deakin University)
2012  Lucy Warnock (Melbourne University)
2012  Joshua Morrin (RMIT University)

2011  Martin Scott (Deakin University)
2011  Joanne Nataprawira (Melbourne University)
2011  Danielle Peck (RMIT University)

2010  Jessica In (RMIT University)


The Robert Caulfield Graduate Research Scholarship is awarded annually by the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects to recognise and encourage individual architectural research that enhances the value of architects and the architectural profession to the wider community. The Scholarship is awarded to the most compelling proposal that seeks to critically investigate a relevant subject matter related to the advancement of architecture and the relevance of the position, profile and standing in the industry and community. Cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches will be encouraged.


The Emerging Architect Prize (EAP), recognises an individual emerging architect or emerging architectural collaboration’s contribution to architectural practice, education, design excellence and community involvement, which advances the profession’s role within the public arena. Entrants need to be nominated by a member of the Australian Institute of Architects (or Institute members can self-nominate).

2023  Claire Scorpo

2022  Daniel Moore

2021  Jacqui Alexander & Ben Sheridan

2020  Thom Mckenzie

2019  Rodney Eggleston

2018  Monique Woodward

2017  Ben Milbourne

2016  Michael Roper

2015  Amy Muir

2014  Melissa Bright

2013  Rebecca Naughtin

2012  Rowan Opat

2012  Clare Cousins

2011  Dr Marcus White


The President’s Prize was created in 2000. Selected by the State President, it is awarded “to an individual or company for outstanding achievement or contribution towards the profession over a period of time.” Victoria has maintained a rich architectural culture. An important part of sustaining this culture is to facilitate good communication amongst the profession and to promulgate a dialogue on design and practice.

2022  Jill Garner

2021  Bryan Miller

2020  Amy Muir

2019  Justine Clarke

2018  Jeremy McLeod

2017  Tony Lee

2016  Open House

2015  Naomi Milgrom

2014  Tony Ellwood

2013  Corbett and Yueji Lyon

2012  Alfred de Bruyne

2011  Anthony Parker

2010  Peter Crone

2009  Peter Wilson (Bolles + Wilson)

2008  John Gollings

2007  Dr Douglas Evans and Dr Jeffrey Turnbull


2005  Dimity Reed

2004  Neil Clerehan

2003  City Edge Conference Series by Ester Charlesworth and the Melbourne City Council team

2002  Architecture International Series by Directors Graham Brawn, Ross Ramus, Andrew Reed, Peter Williams and John Wollett

2001  Graeme Gunn

2000  Kevin Borland

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