Beach House | bureau^proberts

Beach House is designed to deliver the amenity and sophistication of a private beach house while defining a new architectural type: the whole floor apartment. The architectural expression celebrates the organic forms of coastal landscapes, shifting sands and waning tides. Influenced by Gold Coast’s early beach house architecture, characterised by broad verandas, open breezeways, and a connection to the outdoor environment, the development breaks away from traditional compressed apartment layouts to create internal vistas capturing views from east to west. Large balcony decks to the east, create an extension to the living space and allowing for maximum coastal engagement. As an abstraction of the sweeping Gold Cost Coastline, the tower’s expression is defined by curved, bullnose slab edges and the vertical rhythm of blades encircling the perimeter. Embodying the essence of the natural environment, Beach House emerges as a distinctive and carefully crafted form that seamlessly integrates with its coastal surroundings.

Currumbin State School OSHC | Resonance d+a

The Currumbin State School OSHC is a dedicated facility for outside school hours care. The new works form an extension to the existing hall enabling use of established services (kitchen, amenities etc.). This connection allowed limited funding to be directed towards the core service, that is a large space to cater for large numbers of students. This space has been located to open directly onto an existing shaded playground, oval and sports courts while introducing a large, covered circulation space open on the north and south that lets the building breathe.

The main space has a simple skillion roof opening to the north allowing the insertion of a small mezzanine that provides intimate spaces within the larger volume. Heavy walls on the western side includes a storage wall and protect from the western sun.

PALA Residence | Studio Snell

PALA is a highly considered and warm family home. PALA is also a statement of intent by the owners, who are local builders, about raising the expectations and standards of architecture and build quality in the suburb, and the Gold Coast generally.
Studio Snell were engaged by Havendeen Projects to conceive a building which brought construction technologies and standards of finish not often manifested in the area. The building also functions as a pragmatic and uplifting home for a young growing family.
PALA has been designed with longevity in mind with concrete construction including precast panel walls and expressed steel elements. The aesthetics of the building are cohesive inside and out with a focus on natural and substantial materiality to support the strong and expressed structure of the building. Narrative and occasional whimsy are introduced through sculptural forms and unexpected dark vs light expressions in tectonics and joinery.

Onesurf Residence | Blueprint Architects pty ltd

Conceptualised as a robust beach shack, the built form of Onesurf Residence was designed to have sense of strength to combat the harsh oceanfront environment, be enduring, be connected to its place and age beyond the lifespan of neighbouring contemporary structures.
The residential program is based around a private internal quadrangle with its edges occupied to take advantage of the site’s beachfront location. Open ocean views are predominantly to the east and south–east, with a view of Surfers Paradise at the beachfront. Locating the rooms at the edges allows the internal court to connect with outlooks while taking advantage of breezes and has resulted in the home preserving a strong relationship with its surroundings. Brick veils, timber casements and a half level difference to frontages affords the occupants of the house internal privacy whilst maintaining a strong sense of connectivity and permeability with the public domain.

Tallowwood Cabin | Fouché Architects

Located on a property owned by a young couple and their father / father-in-law, this project set out to create a modest secondary dwelling that would become a home for the father.

The surrounding tree canopy, access, views, and a desire to touch the ground lightly played a large role in defining the form of the home, while the external skin of the cabin was intended to not only to perform robustly in its environment, but to blend in unobtrusively with its natural surrounds.

The immediate bushfire threat on a proposed dwelling also placed added pressure on an already tight budget: the proliferation of native tree species as well as the zero–canopy setback we were going to achieve in squeezing a dwelling into the only developable area of the property meant the home had to achieve a BAL–FZ rating – the highest possible bushfire requirement.

The Island House | BDA Architecture

The Island House is a home away from home. Located on South Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) the holiday home nestles within the natural landscape allowing the residents to seamlessly be connected with the rainforest and the local wildlife.

The pavilion–like forms define the public and private spaces. The materiality of the charred timber clad box defines the private bedroom wing whilst the new guinea rosewood datum line with the clerestory glazing and plywood ceiling identifies the public areas.

The architecture aspires to reinforce the identity of place through site positioning, a climatic response, retention of the existing landscape and adaption of raw materiality. The natural material palette of charred timber and new guinea rosewood creates a warmth and connection with the surrounding native trees.

The dwelling aspires to create a series of interior sequential spaces that change in scale, experience and materiality whilst providing visual connections to the Minjerribah landscape.

The Warehouses | J.AR OFFICE

The Warehouses reformulates the light industrial building, guided by civic ambitions and an aspiration to persist for generations. The precinct materialises from a selective edit and unification of five existing structures, defined by a new humancentric internal street.

The resulting building was driven by the client’s desire to produce a socially conscious precinct that ultimately asked, ‘How can a commercial building adapt to evolving community needs?’

The project addresses a typology often on the periphery of architectural consideration; demonstrating the importance of providing space for public life to occur, even in the most unlikely of places a shed.

The Grove | Jamison Architects

The Grove is a new residential project located in the beachside suburban community of Burleigh Heads. The home is an open, light-filled space with a strong connection to the surrounding environment. It is nestled into its unique, natural context, backdropped by the Burleigh Heads National Park.

The design intent was to establish a connection to place and strengthen the relationship with the beautiful local context within its sub–tropical region. Natural amenity is borrowed and occupants can view through and over a series of green spaces both within and beyond the site that appear to merge.

A passive solar design and void maximises natural light deep into the plan, and enables natural cross-ventilation, cooling and heating.

It is a timeless, efficient, regional design that prioritises its relationship to the landscape, local context and sub-tropical climate to maximise site potential and budget, while enhancing liveability and positively contributing to the neighbourhood environment.

White Main Beach | WMK Architecture

White Main Beach epitomizes coastal luxury, embracing stunning ocean, hinterland, and Gold Coast views. Inspired by the coastal environment, our architectural design blends modernity with sculptural elegance, enhancing Main Beach’s skyline while introducing a new level of sophistication. The tower’s distinctive silhouette features oversized cantilever bullnose balconies, a prominent crown, and an iconic entry leg, contributing to its cohesive and elegant aesthetic.

Meticulous planning optimizes views, sunlight and ventilation, with main living spaces and decks oriented towards the north and primary areas strategically positioned to capture ocean vistas. A lush subtropical podium houses communal amenities, including a 25m lap pool, teppanyaki bar, and gym, while carefully selected materials reflect the coastal landscape both externally and internally. With a clear vision from the outset, our project sets a new standard for luxury living, embodying the essence of Gold Coast sophistication in White Main Beach.

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