The National Site of Recognition for Thalidomide Survivors and their Families | PLACE Laboratory with Gian Tonossi

The National Site of Recognition was established by the Australian Government to acknowledge the thalidomide tragedy and as a lasting reminder to all Australians that the lessons of the tragedy must never be forgotten. Thalidomide, introduced in the 1960s, had devastating consequences, causing severe birth defects.

The glass brick structure designed by PLACE Laboratory aims to create a space for empathy, emotional reflection, and education.

Symbolic gestures unfold a narrative as visitors move through the space, with features representing the fragility of life, the ripple effect of thalidomide, and survivors’ strength. Words etched into the walkway convey the impact, acknowledging trauma and loss. A historical timeline educates about the tragedy, while an archway through the structure frames a view of Lake Burley Griffith offering hope and a sense of fulfillment. The memorial provides a serene setting for reflection, emphasizing the ongoing impact of thalidomide on survivors and fostering awareness.

St Barbara Square Kalgoorlie Central Canopy | iredale pedersen hook architects with ASPECT Studios, ETC Solutions and Terpkos Engineering

St Barbara Square Kalgoorlie transforms rear laneway service and adjacent space into a new “Kalgoorlie Heart”. Kurturtu is a highly activated public space, that pulses with the energy of the region and community, offering facilities and new experiences for all people. The new design carefully stitches together existing access points while weaving in new city connections. This is bound by a collection of site and city specific narratives that reveal the unique qualities of Kalgoorlie – Boulder.

Conceptually, the square brings to the surface the ancient geological formations. The central canopy becomes a place of destination, water becomes a catalyst for play, meeting, and gathering. The central canopy titled; “Hovering Earth” is the lifting of earth to reveal “what lies below”. A golden seam and perforated contours hover precariously above creating awe and delight; sound, misting and lighting activate and invite one to participate and become part of this spectacle.

Dwaarlindjirraap Suspension Bridge | iredale pedersen hook architects and ARUP

The 105m long Dwaarlindjirraap suspension bridge crosses the Murray River close to the Baden Powell campground and forms the central element of the Dwellingup Adventure Trails experience (Dwellingup & TrailsWA Projects), a 30km+ dedicated single track mountain bike trail and upgrade of 8km of the existing Munda Biddi Trail.

The bridge is located in a natural setting within a National Park, the Murray River has significant cultural heritage value. The trails project anchors the ongoing development of Dwellingup as a major tourism centre for the region.

The bridge enables a new experience of the Murray River, an opportunity to engage with the river and the dynamic environment. Movement and exposure to the elements are carefully considered and balanced with requirements for safety and significant visitor numbers with differing accessibility needs.

Bob Hawke College Stage 2 | Hassell

Stage Two of Bob Hawke College is a singular, four-storey campus building presenting a new northern façade facing onto community green space. A fluted, precast concrete Theatre is embedded into the heart of the building, anchoring the park facing corner of the site amongst mature heritage trees. The integration with existing parklands emphasises the sense of an urban multistorey school in a garden setting. An internally expressed ‘mega truss’ system above the Theatre supports a planted roof terrace breakout space for students looking onto community green space.

Co-located curriculum areas such as performance, visual art, media, music and general learning are directly linked with informal, independent learning breakout spaces. Visual arts ‘super studios’ have a north facing work terrace adjoining the community Greenlink.

Landscaped courtyards range across different locations and levels. The vertically dispersed landscape strategy links with surrounding community parklands and has resulted in significant net addition of precinct greenery.

Australia 108 | Fender Katsalidis

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