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Providing your practice with tools necessary to assist you in delivering the best possible architectural service to your clients.

Whether you run a small architectural practice or a global firm, our practice membership has been designed to support your delivery of best service to your clients while helping manage the careers and wellbeing of your team. By joining, you connect your practice to our global network of over 14,500 professionals and almost 2,000 other architectural practices, dedicated to designing the places where we live, work, and play.



australian standards

Access the full digital catalogue of Australian Standards and National Construction Code guide documents


Opportunity to market your practice and to showcase your best work to future clients


Get access to an extensive collection of architectural practice advisory and guidance notes


Practice receives the official journal of record of the Australian Institute of Architects by print or digitally


Staff under the practice will have the opportunity to be mentored or become a mentor


Staff can connect and discuss with other members of the Institute on topics that matter to them


Staff will have access to continuing professional development programs provided by the Institute


Supportive resources and guidance to be an exemplary employer

Member rewards

Staff will receive exclusive member benefits and discounts just for being a member


Lowering the cost of membership

By sharing Institute membership across all professional staff in your practice, the per-member cost of A+ membership can be much lower than the cost for ordinary members.  Review this document to see the 2024 practice membership subscription rates.



1. Complete application form

Confirm your eligibility, providing, the details of your practice and confirming the staff eligible.


Complete your application form. Your application will be reviewed within 5 business days.


Receive and pay your initial practice membership invoice.

4. Membership ACTIVATED

Your A+ membership will be activated. Invite your staff to activate their memberships.


Practice membership is different in that it provides all eligible staff of your practice with Institute membership while also providing them with access to additional services such as Australian Standards and the National Construction Code online, HR Hub helpdesk and some higher member discounts. A+ practices are also eligible to activate a profile on the Institute’s Find An Architect web directory.

To be eligible for A+ membership a practice must first meet all requirements of the relevant Architects Registration Board for architectural practices in Australia (if any). Discreet business units or cost centres in multi-disciplinary organisations or government bodies may also be eligible provided that the primary activity of the business unit is the practice of architecture and, the unit is also under the direction of a registered architect. Sole practitioners, provided they are registered architects, are eligible for A+ membership. Only architects registered to practice in Australia can lead an application for A+ membership

Eligible staff includes all registered architects, graduates of architecture and allied professionals with a qualification in a built environment related discipline. This includes interior designers, planners, urban designers, landscape architects and the like. Only permanent staff working more than 3 days per week or more in the practice should be invited to enrol. Casual staff are not required to be included (but are welcome). Students already enrolled as Institute SONA members may also be included if they are working in the practice however no additional fees are charged for their inclusion.

Both the benefits and obligations of A+ membership are aimed at ensuring that A+ practices are best equipped to be considered and promoted as premium quality practices. The main obligations of A+ practices are:

  • Having all eligible staff invited to enrol as members under the A+ practice
  • Having all enrolled registered architects and senior graduates (Associate members) commit to life-long learning through mandatory CPD (10 formal + 10 informal points per annum)
  • Maintain appropriate levels of Professional Indemnity InsuranceToggle Content

Generally, no. However, where an overseas practice opens an office in Australia and is under the direction of an architect registered to practice in Australia, they are then eligible for A+ membership. Only the staff residing in Australia are eligible to be enrolled in the membership and the A+ logo can only be used to market the Australian office.

Firms with multiple offices can choose to enrol any or all offices in A+ membership. Only staff located within the office holding the A+ membership are eligible to be added. Fee discounts apply to firms who enrol multiple offices, but each office will be invoiced separately for the fees associated with A+.

The practice can update its member profile online at any time, via the A+ practice management portal. In addition, all A+ practices will be contacted prior to the end of each quarter and asked to verify all changes in the number, categories or status of any eligible staff members in the practice.

Yes, but only if the new practice is also an A+ practice. If they are not an A+ practice then, no, however you are most welcome to retain your membership as an individual member noting that some exclusive A+ benefits such as access to Australian Standards and the HR Hub Helpdesk are not available under individual membership.

Fees for A+ membership comprise a practice fee based on the total number of staff plus the addition of the individual A+ member fees that apply to each staff member and their category of membership (refer to the A+ subscription rates table). The fees charged per individual staff member vary with the size of the practice. The practice is responsible for payment of all membership fees associated with A+.

The practice is responsible for the A+ membership fees. However, the practice can choose to make any arrangement with staff that they choose regarding payment of individual fees. Practices may also choose to include A+ membership as part of the salary package for staff.

Registered architects (Member category) and experienced graduates of architecture (Associate category members) are required to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of CPD annually comprising 10 formal and 10 informal points across at least two of the four main competency areas (design, documentation, project management, practice management).

Practice Membership

Committing your practice to
the highest standards

A+ is the Institute’s Practice Membership, providing your practice with tools necessary to assist you in delivering the best possible architectural service to your clients.

The A+ Advantage

About A+ Membership

A+ Membership means that every design professional in your practice is a member of the Institute, and every Member and Associate category member is required to complete a certain amount of CPD every year to ensure they are practicing at the highest level.

With all eligible professional staff as members, A+ practices have significantly greater potential to influence the profession and the Institute. A+ practices are better able to elect office-bearers and help determine the Institute’s strategic priorities.

A+ is about a commitment to the Institute, best practice and the future of the profession. Enrolled staff receive access to the full suite of member benefits including exclusive access to the complete catalogue of Australian Standards.


Practice Membership Benefits

  • Local and national e-news bulletins
  • National and Chapter digital publications
  • Individual and group A+ discounts to conventions & conferences
  • Practice forums and networking activities
  • Participate on committees and chapter council
  • Access to Community – an online discussion and resources platform where you can communicate and connect on important topics with fellow members.
  • Belong to a network of leading architectural practices
  • Enrol all professional design staff as Institute members
  • Build your public profile through preferential listing on the Find An Architect website
  • Support your graduates of architecture staff on their pathway to registration through discounted access to the Institute’s Practice of Architecture Learning Series (PALS)
  • Access the Senior Counsellor and Free legal reference services
  • Equip your professional design staff with essential practice resources including:
      – Online, download and print access to the full library of       Australian Standards and the National Construction Code exclusive to A+ members
      – Dedicated expert human resources and industrial relation services tailored to the architectural profession through HR+
      – Acumen Practice Notes provide guidance on all facets of architectural practice and sustainable design
  • Ensure your senior staff commit to a minimum CPD requirement each year
  • Have your projects recognised by entering them in the Institute’s awards programs


Registered architectural firms practicing in Australia (including sole practitioners).

Only registered architects can lead an application for A+ practice membership.

A+ Membership Rates

Lowering the cost of membership

By sharing Institute membership across all professional staff in your practice, the per-member cost of A+ membership can be much lower than the cost for ordinary members.

A+ membership fees can be up to half the normal rate for each individual member within the practice depending on the number of enrolled members. What’s more, a single payment each quarter by the practice simplifies the paperwork and spreads the cost over the year to greatly assist practice cash flow.

Download the 2023 A+ rates and terms.

Becoming an A+ practice

Converting your existing membership to an A+ membership can save you money and will enable you to purchase memberships for your whole team.

Practices with multiple A+ memberships for offices located in different states or territories also receive a discount on the practice fee. 

To get started with A+ membership, please complete our online calculator to receive an estimate of your fees as an A+ practice.

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