White House | Spaceagency

White–House explores the enduring image and value of the ‘white painted timber cottage’ and seeks to construct a contemporary interpretation that riffs on the detail, material and cultural associations.

The Carnac St precinct, South Fremantle, is typified by the collective aesthetic of small timber and iron workers cottages that characterise the streetscape.

The existing weatherboard cottage, C1899, registered on the Municipal Heritage List for contribution to the streetscape. The verandah and front two rooms of the cottage are retained and restored, presenting as foreground to the streetscape with the rear extension set well back.

The north aspect is welcomed into indoor outdoor/living areas, extending the sense of space and easy connection to the garden, alfresco terrace and swimming pool, generous and flexible spaces that can evolve with the family as their needs change.

The project emphasises preservation, functionality, and sustainable design that contribute to the legacy of the site.

Proclamation House | State of Kin

Set amongst character homes in Subiaco, Western Australia, Proclamation House embraces a sculpted silhouette of asymmetrical, sweeping and angular planes ‘a contemporary “shadow”‘ of the site’s former dwelling. A restrained palette of earthy render and aluminium detailing lends rawness to the architecture, while a generous, landscaped set-back, populated with native species and fruit trees, gives back to the street and community.

Internally, the 2.5-bedroom home maximises shared living spaces within a highly efficient footprint, encouraging the multi-generational family to gather. A distinctive, stack-shaped roof carves a dramatic central void, animating the home with ever-changing light qualities. The building is unified by its dramatic, singular use of olive-toned render, obscuring boundaries between the landscape, exterior and interior to craft a feeling of unexpected immersion. Synergies between the architecture and landscape draw framed vignettes of the sky, garden and pool into the experience of home, elevating the family’s daily living rituals.

East Street Alterations & Additions | Philip Stejskal Architecture

For us this project encapsulates the essence of what a modest ‘alterations and additions’ project can mean for an existing, long–in–the–tooth family home.

The home consists of three elements — a workers cottage to the street, a subsequent lean–to and an even later two–room brick addition to the rear. It was the deterioration of the central portion that led to this project.

The heritage cottage and brick addition were retained and restored, the central lean–to carefully excised and a new addition grafted in its place.

The new intervention has not only healed a wound, but has given existing elements new meaning and cohesion, brought environmental resilience to the overall home, and prolonged its relevance and longevity in the face of climate and evolving family needs.

It has shown that a modest investment, strategically employed, can be transformative.

Australia Place Lobby Refurbishment | COX Architecture

Australia Place is a highly considered lobby experience that celebrates art, light and texture. At the heart of the project is a previously concealed existing stained-glass window now braced by black quartzite to become a beacon set deep within the lobby. The white Carrara marble that wraps lining the walls opposite, create a texture symbolic of a curtain, creating a secondary back drop for the lobby.

A focus was placed on providing low level mood lighting to the voluminous lobby space to create a sense of intimacy, comfort and privacy. The lobby is delineated with bespoke joinery and key furniture selected to provide an array of user experiences. The feature ceiling pendant lights anchor the lounge space centred within the lobby whilst the loose furniture and fixed high bench joinery adjacent to the glass curtain wall offers café patrons another experience and welcoming transition into a revitalised lobby experience.

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