Nissen Hut – Belmont North: Adaptive Reuse, Additions & Alterations & Conservation Works | Nimbus Architecture + Heritage Pty Ltd

The adaptive re-use and conservation works to the locally significant heritage ‘Nissen Hut’ historic property was undertaken to reactivate the existing, neglected heritage structure of the Nissen Hut with an aim to continue the ongoing use of the residences, whilst maintaining as much existing fabric as possible.
As part of the Endangered Houses Trust, the Nissen Hut project required careful joint heritage and architecture expertise to design a new extension to the property rear, which now houses a new bedroom and bathroom.
The existing building is conserved and internally transformed from its previous migrant accommodation use into a family residence, fitted out with a new outdoor deck, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, laundry and services.
Due to the modest size and changing expectations of contemporary living standards, the Nissen Hut was one of the remiaing Nissen Huts built in Belmont North.

QT Hotel Newcastle | SJB

Situated in the former Scotts building and Mitchell & Co. warehouse, the design for the QT Newcastle has carefully restored the original heritage façade, maintaining the finely detailed feature elements and the art deco clock face on the corner of Hunter Street and Perkins. Internally, the existing floorplates have been carefully lifted and lowered to realign with the original levels to match the existing façade openings.

A new addition has been added above the existing façade, respectfully stepping back to ensure the integrity and grandeur of the heritage corner remains. The new rear lane addition creates an entrance to the signature restaurant, Jana, and provides activation via a laneway on the southern side of the building.

The new hotel provides a sensitive adaptation of a prominent Newcastle landmark, reinforcing the town centre’s unique character.

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