Sweetwater House | Christopher Botterill and Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Located in Frankston South on Bunurong Country and backing onto Narringalling (Sweetwater Creek), Sweetwater House provides flexibility and sanctuary for our family of four. Designed and built during Melbourne’s Covid lockdowns, the home reflects an inventive response to low–cost, multi–generational living while telling a story of personal and ecological renewal.
Drawing on knowledge and experience gleaned from previous mass–timber projects, the home was constructed using a prefabricated construction methodology.
Our ambition was to create a materially honest and highly sustainable home. We developed a plan arrangement that could adapt to the changing needs of two teenage children and allow for multi–generational living. The gravitational heart is an open plan living room and kitchen overlooking the creek. Encircled by tree ferns and eucalypts, the home’s warm timber palette nurtures a sense of welcome and calm.

Spinifex Hill Project Space | Officer Woods

At the northern apex of the SpinifexHillStudios site, this independent multipurpose building transforms an existing garden into a secluded courtyard. Conceived as both a building in the round/courtyard companion to existing artists’ studio, its tall form addresses a main road and low form dips down to garden. Built to three boundaries with an ‘eye–lash verandah’ roof, the resulting form is varied and enigmatic. Materially austere and tautly detailed, the building reads as a sculptural object in a regional suburban field: announcing itself as a small cultural offering. The project fosters greater economic opportunities as well as cultural engagement for Kariyarra people. It supports the notion that when strong culture is supported by strong social and physical infrastructure, it leads to stronger, healthier communities.

Larrakeyah: Shared User Facility | BVN

The Shared User Facility (SUF) is a new multipurpose building at Larrakeyah Defence Precinct, on the edge of Darwin Harbour. It brings together previously disparate Navy and Base groups in new contemporary working accommodation.

The simple cranked form follows the edge of an escarpment overlooking HMAS Coonawarra, and is oriented to the south to minimise solar heat gain and reduce the need for sun shading, with full–height glazing that provides high levels of natural light, and direct sightlines to the wharf.

A double height foyer links the customer service, conference and training facilities on the ground floor with the upper level, which comprises a flexible and adaptable office environment.

Addressing Defence’s strong focus on sustainability, the materials palate is robust, with a focus on low-maintenance and long-life cycles, particularly in the corrosive marine environment. These are rigorously detailed, with a focus on scale, modulation, and proportion.

St Patrick’s Primary School Lochinvar | SHAC

They say clover ignites soil, it converts nitrogen from the air and deposits rich nutrients back into the ground for healthy growth.

St Patrick’s Primary School at Lochinvar is a literal manifestation of the three-leaf clover. This pedagogical pattern won SHAC the Blacket Award for Stage One back in 2018. Now three stages, and five years, later the Masterplan has come to fruition, the school is complete – a cluster of learning leaves sprinkled on a country meadow, fit for country kids and clever teachers.
This project is an exemplary masterplanning and architectural solution to meet the needs of a growing school community, its staff, and its students, who started the project with a legacy of outdated and unsuitable school buildings. The design accomplishes much with little. Modesty scaled buildings are clustered to form a new school address and heart, creating the armature for new methods of teaching and learning.

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