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2024 National Architecture Awards Program

St Patrick's Primary School Lochinvar | SHAC

Traditional Land Owners
Wonnarua People

New South Wales



Educational Architecture
Richard Crookes Constructions
Alexander McIntyre Photography
Project summary

They say clover ignites soil, it converts nitrogen from the air and deposits rich nutrients back into the ground for healthy growth.

St Patrick’s Primary School at Lochinvar is a literal manifestation of the three-leaf clover. This pedagogical pattern won SHAC the Blacket Award for Stage One back in 2018. Now three stages, and five years, later the Masterplan has come to fruition, the school is complete – a cluster of learning leaves sprinkled on a country meadow, fit for country kids and clever teachers.
This project is an exemplary masterplanning and architectural solution to meet the needs of a growing school community, its staff, and its students, who started the project with a legacy of outdated and unsuitable school buildings. The design accomplishes much with little. Modesty scaled buildings are clustered to form a new school address and heart, creating the armature for new methods of teaching and learning.

New South Wales Architecture Awards Accolades
Award for Educational Architecture
COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture
Region Jury Citation

Educational Award (citation)

The jury is pleased to award St Patrick’s Primary School Lochinvar, recognising the project’s exceptional achievements in architectural design and masterplanning. This project, conceived as a manifestation of the three-leaf clover, has transformed an existing educational institution into a flourishing haven for learning.

The design philosophy, characterised by its modest yet purposeful structures, demonstrates the art of doing more with less. A careful clustering of buildings has not only redefined the school’s identity but also fostered an environment conducive to innovative teaching and collaborative learning. The open, flexible indoor and outdoor spaces, arranged in triads, encourage interaction and resource-sharing amongst students and educators, making learning a seamless and communal experience.

This project exemplifies the successful fusion of architectural finesse, pedagogical excellence, and environmental consciousness. It demonstrates the power of thoughtful design in shaping a thriving educational community. Congratulations to the entire team for their outstanding work.


COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture (citation)

St Patrick’s Primary School Lochinvar stands as a testament to exemplary architectural craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to holistic design principles. The school’s use of COLORBOND® steel finds its resonance not merely as a matter of aesthetic taste, but as a profound demonstration of sustainability and community-centric design.

COLORBOND® steel, employed in external cladding, roofing, rainwater tanks, and exposed framing, intertwines effortlessly with the broader architectural tapestry. A symphony emerges, where the play of light and shadow, texture and form, evokes a sense of place and purpose. Resilience and continuity resound through the use of COLORBOND® steel in the pedestrian walkways, central gathering space, and covered outdoor learning areas.

This award pays tribute to St Patrick’s Primary School Lochinvar’s embrace of COLORBOND® steel, an attestation to the school’s vision and sustainable future.

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St Patrick's Primary School Lochinvar | SHAC | Photographer: Alexander McIntyre

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