The Warehouses | J.AR OFFICE

The Warehouses | J.AR OFFICE | Photographer: David Chatfield

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

The Warehouses | J.AR OFFICE

Traditional Land Owners
Yugambeh People



Gold Coast and Northern Rivers

COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture
Commercial Architecture
HNKN Construction Company
David Chatfield
Project summary

The Warehouses reformulates the light industrial building, guided by civic ambitions and an aspiration to persist for generations. The precinct materialises from a selective edit and unification of five existing structures, defined by a new human-centric internal street.

The resulting building was driven by the client’s desire to produce a socially conscious precinct that ultimately asked, ‘How can a commercial building adapt to evolving community needs?’

The project addresses a typology often on the periphery of architectural consideration; demonstrating the importance of providing space for public life to occur, even in the most unlikely of places – a shed.

We are a 3rd & 4th generation Currumbin family living and working locally, who are enthusiastic to conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

We recognise the impact building has on the environment and the community.

The sensitive design of The Warehouses helps us to deliver our own goals in leaving a legacy of buildings that connect community and respect the environment.

The guidance offered by J.AR OFFICE and our other building trades in delivering a retrofit as opposed to a rebuild has been integral in us meeting both our environmental and financial goals.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Mark Traucnieks Consulting Engineers, Hydraulic Consultant
Mark Traucnieks Consulting Engineers, Structural Engineer
Prandium Studio, Landscape Consultant

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The Warehouses | J.AR OFFICE | Photographer: David Chatfield

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