Xavier College Kostka Building | MGS Architects

Xavier College’s Kostka Building was identified as a key project in MGS Architects’ 2020 Master Plan, enabling the relocation of the College’s year 7 and 8 student cohort from its Brighton and Studley Park campuses to its Senior Campus in Kew.

Kostka accommodates the specific pedagogical and wellbeing requirements of younger students as they transition to high school, while sparking curiosity and creativity in a welcoming, home–like environment. The building is a nurturing teacher, layered with meaning, learning opportunities and spaces that support connection and belonging.

Programmatic expression drives the architecture. Blue–brown brick forms erupt from the terrain, fragmented to create an inhabitable façade. These solid shapes shift to offer connection and retreat, opening to views and closing to create moments of refuge, their mass amplified by high–performance glazing that showcases activities within the building to adjacent spaces and connects students with the historic Chapel, ovals, and city beyond.

Piara Waters Senior High School – Stage 1 | With Architecture Studio

The state of art, futuristic design of the building aligns seamlessly with the school’s vision of 21st century learning, inclusivity and excellence.

Students and teachers have access to specialist and flexible learning spaces, setting the scene for ‘deep learning’ and the education of the ‘whole child’.

Workspaces for administration, professional and allied professional staff, are customised for ease of purpose, comfort and convenience. A focus on wellbeing is evident in the purposeful built spaces.

Piara Waters Senior High School’s energy efficiency, solar passivity and green footprint proudly support our environment.

John XXIII College | TRCB

As part of an enduring relationship as Campus Architects for John XXIII College, TRCB has recently completed Stage 1 of the College’s campus masterplan.

The completion of this transformative project at JTC marks significant developments to the institution’s infrastructure.

Noteworthy enhancements include a reimagined entrance, strategically relocated buildings, and state-of-the-art administrative facilities designed to foster staff development and well-being. Additionally, our redesigned library now serves as a dynamic hub for student engagement, featuring versatile spaces and modern amenities.

This project underscores JTC’s dedication to providing a modern and dynamic educational environment, ensuring continued excellence in Catholic education. We extend our gratitude for the collaborative efforts of the JTC community, including students, staff, and parents, whose input was invaluable throughout the design process. Together, we’ve created spaces that inspire learning, foster creativity, and uphold the College’s esteemed legacy.

Clifton Hill Primary School | Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

This dynamic vertical campus for grade 5 and 6 students creates exemplary learning, teaching, staff working and multipurpose community environments for a much–loved inner–city school. Spanning three levels, the building adopts a simple but rigorous floorplan that accommodates a large program on a constrained site. Located opposite the Darling Gardens, the design response references the existing heritage campus buildings while also drawing inspiration from Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. A ribbon band of glazed green bricks and use of circular “bite like” apertures bring a whimsical quality to the design. Exposed structural elements including mass timber and articulated services enable the building to serve as an explanatory teaching tool for students. Designed utilising a mass timber hybrid construction to achieve Passivhaus Certification, a first for the VSBA, the building integrates a PV array on the playground roof terrace to provide power and a visual learning opportunity.

St Patrick’s Primary School Lochinvar | SHAC

They say clover ignites soil, it converts nitrogen from the air and deposits rich nutrients back into the ground for healthy growth.

St Patrick’s Primary School at Lochinvar is a literal manifestation of the three-leaf clover. This pedagogical pattern won SHAC the Blacket Award for Stage One back in 2018. Now three stages, and five years, later the Masterplan has come to fruition, the school is complete – a cluster of learning leaves sprinkled on a country meadow, fit for country kids and clever teachers.
This project is an exemplary masterplanning and architectural solution to meet the needs of a growing school community, its staff, and its students, who started the project with a legacy of outdated and unsuitable school buildings. The design accomplishes much with little. Modesty scaled buildings are clustered to form a new school address and heart, creating the armature for new methods of teaching and learning.

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