Marnkutyi Parirna Theatre | Detail Studio

Marnkutyi Parirna Theatre | Detail Studio | Photographer: David Sievers

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

Marnkutyi Parirna Theatre | Detail Studio

Traditional Land Owners
Kaurna People

South Australia

Educational Architecture
Interior Architecture
Mossop Construction and Interiors
David Sievers
Project summary

The newly completed Marnkutyi Parirna Theatre at Trinity College stands as a testament to the College’s unwavering commitment to embracing 21st-century educational opportunities. Inspired by principles of innovation and creativity, this exceptional space redefines the traditional concept of a theatre, offering students and the community alike a sophisticated and elegant environment in which to engage in rich, authentic learning experiences.

Creativity and innovation are woven into every aspect of the theatre’s design, from the fluidity of the seating arrangements to the dynamic movement reflected in the timber batten design on the walls.

Central to the theatre’s vision is the authentic partnership with the Kaurna people, honouring Indigenous narratives and connections to the local landscape. The concept of the Three Rivers, symbolising unity and connection, is deeply integrated into the design elements, enriching the space with cultural symbolism and a profound sense of place.

Our collaborative teaching & learning capability has grown significantly by delivering this new facility.

The Marnkutyi Parirna Theatre provides tremendous opportunities for students across all year levels. The theatre offers a 500-seat auditorium, excellent acoustic quality, professional performance quality sound and lighting, multimedia and live streaming capacity, flexible staging, a convertible orchestra pit, a sprung stage, fly tower, Green rooms, teaching spaces, rehearsal areas and a Recording studio.

Marnkutyi Parirna is an investment in infrastructure, that facilitates us to offer a comprehensive Performing Arts program that helps boosts confidence in students, enhances communication skills, fosters creativity, builds resilience + improves critical thinking.

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Marnkutyi Parirna Theatre | Detail Studio | Photographer: David Sievers

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