Australian Retirement Trust Workplace | Cox Architecture

ARTs workplace reflects who they are and what they stand for. It showcases their commitment to their members, their people, and their connected communities.
With a focus on value, ARTs workplace transforms an existing building into a dynamic new home with sustainability at its core.
Nestled in the centre of each floorplate, wheelchair accessible platforms facilitating flexible workshop settings and touchdown, these HUBs are the Heart that Unites the Business.
Anchored by an auditorium and located in the centre of the workplace stack, the central HUB is a landscaped community space. The space blurs the boundaries of inside and out in its subtropical environment. Naturally ventilated through automated louvres, brick flooring and landscaped seating flanking a series of carefully programmed spaces, the central hub emerges as a parkscape in the sky.

Transurban Network Operations Centre | Cox Architecture

Transurban operates a portfolio of arterial traffic assets within the SEQ region. “Project Clarence” consolidated their traffic control monitoring personnel from five disparate sites into a single 24/7/365 Network Operations Centre (NOC). The core of the NOC is the new, world class Traffic Control Room (TCR), meticulously designed for controllers operating around the clock. The continuous occupation and the intense nature of the work required a human centric design approach to the space, to foster mental freshness and combat operator fatigue.

COX interpreted the brief by adopting biophilic principles, incorporating flowing curves, employing soothing natural timber, soft colours, access to exterior views & natural light, visual connections with adjacent workspaces, and seamlessly integrating circadian rhythm lighting. The client and design team also collaborated to develop a bespoke ergonomic operator work station. The project has been transformative, positively altering staff perceptions, and use of, the original Clarence Rd premises which now reflects a contemporary workplace culture.

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