Verandah Terraces | Phorm architecture + design

Verandah Terraces is a residential building intended specifically to reflect upon Brisbane’s identity, a bridge between its past and future. Verandahs are a specific cultural territory which we, as a Practice, advocate as the appropriate ‘platform for living’ in our Subtropical City.

Verandahs were the local adaptations, introduced to temper the climate and protect the Georgian core of early colonial buildings. Verandahs are now appreciated as liminal spaces, mediating the contrasting conditions of exterior and interior, their interface with the elements creating a poetic and particular experience of place.

Our strategy has been to utilise the existing internal rooms of the cottage as the required ‘interiors’ to the brief and introduce a counterpoint of open living platforms or ‘terraces’ to the Site. There is an immediacy to the structural legibility of the recycled hardwood timber frame and expressed tectonics. A build that demonstrates and celebrates its own making and crafting.

Warwick Brick House | Marc & Co

Warwick Brick House a multi-generational house on a steep site. Daily living spaces and gardens are located on the roof, offering privacy, views and moments of tranquility and joy.

The playful composition of the façade, with its slender brick piers, oversized reveals and corbel detailing, adds depth and decorative relief to the building whilst acknowledging a history of brick–making in Warwick.

Yarralumla House | Jean Architects

Step into a residential endeavor that combines timeless charm with contemporary allure. Tucked away in the cul–de–sac of Yarralumla, this residence captures the spirit of Mid–century design while seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor living.

Central to the architectural vision is a transformative concept: establishing a harmonious connection between the living spaces and the backyard. This vision materialises through the implementation of a split–level design, guiding occupants from the existing house to the garden level.

The dwelling undergoes a metamorphosis, guided by two distinct design narratives. The original segment pays homage to the enigmatic allure of the night, embracing a dark and moody aesthetic. In contrast, the newly added section, strategically oriented towards the backyard, blossoms into a lively celebration of light and colour.

White House | Spaceagency

White–House explores the enduring image and value of the ‘white painted timber cottage’ and seeks to construct a contemporary interpretation that riffs on the detail, material and cultural associations.

The Carnac St precinct, South Fremantle, is typified by the collective aesthetic of small timber and iron workers cottages that characterise the streetscape.

The existing weatherboard cottage, C1899, registered on the Municipal Heritage List for contribution to the streetscape. The verandah and front two rooms of the cottage are retained and restored, presenting as foreground to the streetscape with the rear extension set well back.

The north aspect is welcomed into indoor outdoor/living areas, extending the sense of space and easy connection to the garden, alfresco terrace and swimming pool, generous and flexible spaces that can evolve with the family as their needs change.

The project emphasises preservation, functionality, and sustainable design that contribute to the legacy of the site.

Un Peu Perrault | MyMyMy Architecture

**Un Peu Perrault is a Testament to Light Touch Architectural Transformation**

Un Peu Perrault, by MyMyMy Architecture, stands as a testament to the transformative power of sensitive light touch architecture to enhance family connections and elevate daily life. Carefully balancing preservation of the original building fabric with the integration of a bright, inviting extension, the project caters to the evolving needs of the family.

Seamlessly blending innovation with functionality, MyMyMy Architecture’s design fosters moments of tranquillity and familial joy through meticulous attention to detail. Key features include a zigzag folded and perforated steel screen, which redefines street presence, and strategic apertures that infuse interiors with warmth.

This new addition by MyMyMy Architecture is an exercise in restraint. Un Peu Perrault serves as a symbol of architectural metamorphosis, seamlessly melding interior comfort with exterior aesthetics.

Un Peu Perrault is situated in Downer, ACT, on the land of the Ngunnawal people.

Van Wyk Residence | Klopper & Davis Architects

Located on the family-friendly Griver St, Van Wyk Residence is a two-storey home for a young couple and their children. It features a simple, yet site-sensitive design nestled amongst the mature Peppermint trees & wide, grassy verges of Cottesloe. The home is a light drenched sanctuary, a space where family connect, where long lunches spill out into the garden, where the kids play, mess and create. Inspired by memories of white-washed barns in the South African winelands, a white, two-storey brick gable runs East/West along the southern boundary containing the majority of the accommodation, with a secondary dark single-storey pavilion sitting along the north. Between, a glass box connection divides the outdoor areas in two; a generous backyard & alfresco to the rear and a lush, pool deck to the street.

Stradbroke Primary School – Early Learning Hub | Das Studio

Located adjacent Morialta Conservation Park in Rostrevor, Stradbroke Primary School incorporates Walker Learning principles to offer an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary, student-centred curriculum. The project brief sought to replace an aged building with learning spaces and nature play for Stradbroke’s Reception students, to align facilities with the forward-thinking pedagogical approach of the School.

Prioritisation of the direct learning outcomes of built form result in a building that acts as a beacon for the possibilities of curiosity, inquiry and play whilst simultaneously connecting to the surrounding built and natural environments in a manner that feels of its place. Siting, planning and materiality all contribute equally to this outcome.

A collaborative relationship between the design team, client and key stakeholders and a creative approach to project problem solving unlocked value that allowed for refurbishment works to adjacent Year 1 spaces, creating an Early Learning Hub for the School that equitably connects the junior cohort.

Square House | Mather Architecture

Square House is an elevated late 60’s modernist home situated on a steeply sloping block in Farrer. The aim was to minimise the impact of any additions on the natural environment by creating very minimal extensions that interrupt the perfect square, with a total of 16m2 added to the floor plan. The first ‘pop out’ for the kitchen area adds space under the existing roofline, while the second, projects further out than the existing roofline, utilising the continuous roof through–to–wall properties of longline cladding to create a neat insertion.

New cedar windows provide material warmth and contrast the simple lines of the exterior cladding. Sunshade shrouds on windows to the north and west were added along with stained timber battened garage door, front balustrade, dividing screen, and feature sliding panel. These elements connect the mid–century house with the client’s love of Japanese architecture. The result is a calm, light–filled home

St Barbara Square Kalgoorlie Central Canopy | iredale pedersen hook architects with ASPECT Studios, ETC Solutions and Terpkos Engineering

St Barbara Square Kalgoorlie transforms rear laneway service and adjacent space into a new “Kalgoorlie Heart”. Kurturtu is a highly activated public space, that pulses with the energy of the region and community, offering facilities and new experiences for all people. The new design carefully stitches together existing access points while weaving in new city connections. This is bound by a collection of site and city specific narratives that reveal the unique qualities of Kalgoorlie – Boulder.

Conceptually, the square brings to the surface the ancient geological formations. The central canopy becomes a place of destination, water becomes a catalyst for play, meeting, and gathering. The central canopy titled; “Hovering Earth” is the lifting of earth to reveal “what lies below”. A golden seam and perforated contours hover precariously above creating awe and delight; sound, misting and lighting activate and invite one to participate and become part of this spectacle.

St Peter’s College Big Quad Rejuvenation | Matthews Architects

Learning is always a process of change, and when we are young it is a process of growing and growing up. This new era of the Big Quad precinct has been shaped to support young people who are going through such changes. The design embraces them within a history and a present that they are a living part of, reminding them that there are futures to be valued and stories to be written. Each space captures the movement of light throughout the day and across seasons, the shifting of the living environment around them and celebrates the passage of time. In this way the design celebrates the continuity of human experience and the valuable connection between past, present and futures.

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