Good Samaritan College, Polding Place | Speculative Architecture and Brammer Architects, architects in association

With a focus upon student wellbeing and community engagement, Polding Place at Good Samaritan College Toowoomba contains classrooms, Food Technology teaching spaces with a commercial kitchen, Cafe, and a Design Technology workshop. Each space is naturally ventilated with good access to breezes and controlled daylight. Outdoor learning spaces are located adjacent to traditional teaching spaces and are flexible for social activities. Materials and niches have been selected that are robust, with low maintenance, while providing continuity with the existing campus buildings to reinforce the identity and history of the College.

The main social space of the College is revitalised by the new building framing, and providing an active social edge to, a central courtyard. Integrated planting, through vines and shade trees, mediate the outdoor spaces to provide cool and social landscapes to be enjoyed.

The Warehouses | J.AR OFFICE

The Warehouses reformulates the light industrial building, guided by civic ambitions and an aspiration to persist for generations. The precinct materialises from a selective edit and unification of five existing structures, defined by a new humancentric internal street.

The resulting building was driven by the client’s desire to produce a socially conscious precinct that ultimately asked, ‘How can a commercial building adapt to evolving community needs?’

The project addresses a typology often on the periphery of architectural consideration; demonstrating the importance of providing space for public life to occur, even in the most unlikely of places a shed.

Well-Connected | Enfold with Allan Spira, Architect

Guided by social and sustainable values, Well–Connected is an exemplary demonstration in the careful integration of new areas and refinement of existing spaces to deliver a greatly improved, yet modest home which significantly enhances the quality of life for its young family within.

Newly defined spaces serve as hubs for social interaction, enriching the lives of the owners as they occupy different areas of the home. The incorporation of passive design principles and attention to detail enhances thermal efficiency and elevates comfort levels well beyond standard requirements.

Values of sustainability and social connection are prioritised, while moments of architectural delight provide further validity to the investment of this project. Well–Connected stands as a testament to the possibilities of sustainable and social values led design – promising years of enjoyment and fulfillment for its occupants ahead.

Wattlebird House | Scott Flett Architecture Workshop

The Wattle Bird House is inspirational in its design and construction. It is planned to be an intergenerational, sustainable, and comfortable home for the owners and their extended family. The house is thermally efficient, packed with technology, connected to place, and the build is a showcase of the local construction industry. Construction wise it delights with purposely atypical approaches to typical solutions and layers of detail upon every turn. It delights and demands attention. The house showcases construction as a creative activity. The care, labour and skill in the Wattle Bird House is inspirational.

Vijayasekaran Residence | Klopper & Davis Architects

Framed by undulating hills and nestled amongst the Australian flora of Eagle Bay, Vijayasekaran Residence emerges as an architectural testament to serene coastal living. The project is an ode to tranquility, privacy, and resilience, fostering a seamless transition between the home’s interior spaces and the natural environment. The design preserves the large, sloping site’s inherent beauty, imparting the clients with a living experience that is sheltered, yet expansively open to the elements.

Un Peu Perrault | MyMyMy Architecture

**Un Peu Perrault is a Testament to Light Touch Architectural Transformation**

Un Peu Perrault, by MyMyMy Architecture, stands as a testament to the transformative power of sensitive light touch architecture to enhance family connections and elevate daily life. Carefully balancing preservation of the original building fabric with the integration of a bright, inviting extension, the project caters to the evolving needs of the family.

Seamlessly blending innovation with functionality, MyMyMy Architecture’s design fosters moments of tranquillity and familial joy through meticulous attention to detail. Key features include a zigzag folded and perforated steel screen, which redefines street presence, and strategic apertures that infuse interiors with warmth.

This new addition by MyMyMy Architecture is an exercise in restraint. Un Peu Perrault serves as a symbol of architectural metamorphosis, seamlessly melding interior comfort with exterior aesthetics.

Un Peu Perrault is situated in Downer, ACT, on the land of the Ngunnawal people.

Suite Shed | alsoCAN

We retain traditional facades and streetscapes, but what about backyards?

The existing building had been a sleep–out in a working backyard dotted with fruit trees. We wanted to keep this quality and this purpose.

From the outside, the result retains the same profile. Nearly all the existing structure has been kept, but now insulated and wrapped so its waterproof and warm. From the inside all the studwork, cladding and roofing remain, so it looks just like it did before with new fittings.

The new building adds no new floor area. However, we now have a larger bedroom, a refitted bathroom and a large space for living.

A critical part of the design was to make the building fully accessible. There are handrails around the outside of the rooms with sensor–activated lighting, along with more generally accessible aspects such as wheelchair–accessible benchtops, rails, a shower seat and talking kitchen appliances.

Square House | Mather Architecture

Square House is an elevated late 60’s modernist home situated on a steeply sloping block in Farrer. The aim was to minimise the impact of any additions on the natural environment by creating very minimal extensions that interrupt the perfect square, with a total of 16m2 added to the floor plan. The first ‘pop out’ for the kitchen area adds space under the existing roofline, while the second, projects further out than the existing roofline, utilising the continuous roof through–to–wall properties of longline cladding to create a neat insertion.

New cedar windows provide material warmth and contrast the simple lines of the exterior cladding. Sunshade shrouds on windows to the north and west were added along with stained timber battened garage door, front balustrade, dividing screen, and feature sliding panel. These elements connect the mid–century house with the client’s love of Japanese architecture. The result is a calm, light–filled home

Springbank Secondary College | Thomson Rossi

The challenge at Springbank Secondary College was to create an environment with no barriers to learning for a culturally, physically, and neurodiverse community without the slightest perception of discrimination. The new environment needed to be beautiful, practical, serviceable, elegant and welcoming, as well as catering for unique needs in a discrete way, allowing everyone to enjoy a contemporary, state of the art learning facility that delivers a high-end curriculum.
Internally, in order to achieve these spaces, the design explored the integration of circulation space into the Learning Areas, eliminating corridors and allowing a range of different breakout and retreat spaces to be created; providing significant flexibility and opportunity for inclusion across the whole campus.
Externally, a sculptural COLA announces the school’s presence as a promenade leading to the Basketball Stadium, strategically located adjacent the Tower Arts Centre, allowing an extension of performance activities to an outdoor venue.

St Barbara Square Kalgoorlie Central Canopy | iredale pedersen hook architects with ASPECT Studios, ETC Solutions and Terpkos Engineering

St Barbara Square Kalgoorlie transforms rear laneway service and adjacent space into a new “Kalgoorlie Heart”. Kurturtu is a highly activated public space, that pulses with the energy of the region and community, offering facilities and new experiences for all people. The new design carefully stitches together existing access points while weaving in new city connections. This is bound by a collection of site and city specific narratives that reveal the unique qualities of Kalgoorlie – Boulder.

Conceptually, the square brings to the surface the ancient geological formations. The central canopy becomes a place of destination, water becomes a catalyst for play, meeting, and gathering. The central canopy titled; “Hovering Earth” is the lifting of earth to reveal “what lies below”. A golden seam and perforated contours hover precariously above creating awe and delight; sound, misting and lighting activate and invite one to participate and become part of this spectacle.

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