Ambrose Treacy College Amphitheatre + Play Space | Ink Duck

Ambrose Treacy College’s new flood resistant amphitheatre transforms an underutilised riverfront area into a versatile hub for the school. Following the site’s natural contour, tiered seating leads down to the central amphitheatre and play space. Embracing its riverfront position, the space can serve as a lunchtime play area, classroom breakout zone, performance venue and community friendly space. Designed with flood resilience in mind, the amphitheatre boasts timeless, locally sourced materials, and its cantilevered structure ensures stability even in adverse conditions. Preservation of indigenous trees and a harmonious alignment with the site’s natural contours demonstrate a commitment to environmental sensitivity. The result is an adaptive, intuitive heart of the campus, providing a unique and enduring space for both the school and the broader community.

All Hallows’ School, The Potter Building Adaptive Re-Use Project | Fulton Trotter Architects

The Potter Building is the adaptive reuse of an existing 4 storey building in the centre of the State Heritage listed campus of All Hallows’ on the fringe of the Brisbane CBD. Originally housing only one storey of library, the entire building has been dedicated to library and related functions, the addition of a fifth floor, and the lateral extension of the existing floors. All new floor area is constructed using a cross laminated timber (CLT) floor structure, on a steel frame. Voids and stairs have been inserted into the building to create fluid interconnecting volumes, weaving the building into a cohesive whole. This facility has provided the school with a sophisticated solution to numerous spatial and circulation issues, and a dynamic learning environment for an evolving curriculum.

Corymbia | Tim Ditchfield Architects

Corymbia is a beachside weekender inspired by the nostalgia of regional coastal dwellings across Australia. A place of salty barefoot days. A multi-generational dwelling where treasured memories are created. Rest, respite, rejuvenation. Unfussy and unpretentious. Functional yet joyous. Stripped back yet playful. Natural, Native and of its place. Of the dunes, the coastal heath, the Wallum Country.

A grassed north facing courtyard is the heart of the dwelling. A place to lounge, play and converse. This element is flanked by two wings separated by an outdoor breezeway space, and united by the sheltering roof over. Cars were deliberately relegated away from the street frontage, freeing the frontage of crude garages that often dominate the street. A timber sleeper driveway and crossover are a nod to the sandy beach tracks of K’gari and completes the subordination of the vehicle in favour of people.

Commercial Office 152 Wharf Street Brisbane | The NRA Collaborative

Completed in early 2023, 152 Wharf Street stands as a premier A-Grade office space in Spring Hill, on the border of Brisbane’s CBD. The impressive 27–story building offers more than 24,000 sqm of office space and several retail shops on the ground floor. Positioned between Brisbane CBD and Spring Hill opposite Brisbane’s Central Railway Station, it prioritizes humancentric design, sustainability, and occupant wellbeing, redefining modern work environments with tailored amenities. Drawing inspiration from the area’s architectural heritage, it ensures a harmonious integration with the existing urban fabric, setting a benchmark for future development. The project’s robust commitment to environmental stewardship includes sustainable design strategies and social responsibility, contributing to regional economic development and setting a new standard for responsible urban development.

Maryborough Forge and Advanced Manufacturing Facility | KIRK

The Maryborough Forge and Advanced Manufacturing Facility is a proprietary, highly functional design that protects and enhances the technically complex production process within the manufacturing warehouse. The constrained site of this advanced manufacturing facility in rural Queensland was poised to access an existing specialised heavy engineering skilled workforce. Along with a highly technical and advanced warehouse, the entire environment needed to be enticing to skilled workers who would spend most their day in such a remote location. A key component of our strategy was to establish an office that stands as a biophilic retreat from the demanding manufacturing processes. With Hyne Timbers (Xlam) operating just 250m down the road, it was a natural choice to use locally produced Mass Engineered Timber (MET) from Australian softwood plantations. We see this exciting project as part of the evolution in a new typology in industrial and warehousing MET projects.

Suncorp Stadium Centreline Lounge | Populous

The reimagining of Level 4 within the original western stand at Suncorp Stadium delivers a unique hospitality offering, connected to the on field action with the best seat in the house. The design aims to create an environment that resonates with the passion of sports enthusiasts while providing a comfortable haven for socialising and networking, in contrast to the traditional corporate model.

A warm and inviting palette aims to capture the essence of balmy Queensland evenings and the painted skies which grace the stadium during evening events. Art deco styling elements and softly curved geometries are used to contribute to a sense of luxury and create a visually dynamic and sophisticated atmosphere, elevating the premium experience for patrons.

The Belvedere | KP Architects

The Belvedere is located at Woody Point a small bayside suburb on the southern tip of the Redcliffe Peninsula. KP Architects were engaged to restore and transform the Hotel into a place for locals and visitors as a destination to enjoy the idyllic location by introducing a series of dining spaces that would take advantage of the bay views. The design strategy focused on removing the many layers of poorly considered additions over the 120 years of the Hotel to reveal the original fabric. Sympathetic interventions were integrated to establish a clear portrait between old and new, defining a timeline for future observations. To enhance the experience, a central courtyard space was introduced to shape a sense of arrival, allowing the customer to orientate themselves while visually engaging with the bay view beyond. Introducing more open spaces has resulted in a building that breathes, embracing Queensland subtropical climate.

Whitsunday Anglican School STEAM Centre | BSPN Architecture

Whitsunday Anglican School has undertaken a visionary journey with its development of the STEAM Centre, epitomizing a dedication to educational excellence and community connectivity.

With a design philosophy of enhancement, innovation and legacy, the Centre fosters creativity, collaboration, and enterprise among students while forging tangible links with regional industries.

It serves as a dynamic educational hub for students, staff, and the wider community, enriching learning experiences and fostering partnerships with local businesses.

Seamlessly integrated into the existing campus, the Centre embodies a thoughtful approach to urban campus school design, blurring boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Housing cutting-edge laboratories, versatile maker spaces, and a contemporary library, every aspect is meticulously crafted to meet the evolving needs of students and educators.

The STEAM Centre represents a transformative vision for regional education, it is a place where minds are engaged and inspired, where students are encouraged to seek and achieve.

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