Benevolent Living Interiors | Deicke Richards

Our renewal of a seniors’ community in Rockhampton aims to enhance each resident’s experience of connection, expression, and wellbeing. Benevolent Living is an arts–themed, integrated residential care development offering elders the opportunity to age in place.

The new aged care building provides an alternative to traditional models of aged care bedrooms, offering light filled dining and living areas, self–serve kitchens, and suites which provide sufficient space for couples to live together as they age in a fully supported care environment.

Our interior spaces support this model. Sophisticated and respectful to elders, the contemporary palette and natural materials reference the surrounding gardens, thereby creating a calming environment. The interiors draw inspiration from the verdant subtropical climate, offering a fresh and modern colour scheme that seamlessly brings the outdoors inside.

Cocobrew Express Coffee Drive Thru | DESIGNANDARCHITECTURE

Cocobrew Express, located on the outskirts of Yeppoon, Queensland, challenges the conventional Drive Thru model while enhancing both motorist and pedestrian experience. The project reimagines the typical Drive Thru by establishing the architecture itself as a prominent landmark, rather than relying on separate signage. Despite its compact footprint, the building’s unique roof form reaches over 9 meters high and stands out. Clear entry and exit points aid navigation and ensure smooth vehicular circulation, while a streamlined ordering system promotes human interaction. These elements combine to foster a sense of community between staff and customers.

Recognizing the importance of pedestrian experience, the design includes a dedicated walkup window and seating area, catering to visitors and staff from the nearby hospital and retail establishments. Cocobrew Express not only reimagines the Drive Thru typology but also promotes connectivity and community in the region, making it a distinctive addition to Central Queensland’s built environment.

Gin Gin State High School New Administration Building | Giarola Architects

Gin Gin State High School’s new administration building sets a new standard in educational infrastructure. Acting as the primary point of contact, this building is more than just an administrative hub; it’s a landmark symbolizing accessibility and community integration. The standout feature, a stunning rammed earth wall, replaces traditional, unwelcoming school barriers with a welcoming, secure entrance, harmonizing with the regional architectural style. Inside, the design prioritizes functionality and staff wellbeing. With a raised ceiling for natural light, a simple layout for effective ventilation, and a large, strategically placed staff room, the building champions a comfortable working environment. The flexible conference area reflects our commitment to staff development. Adhering to sustainable practices and cost-effective construction, this project illustrates our dedication to creating spaces that are environmentally friendly, functional, and aligned with the educational ethos of serving and inspiring our community.

Maryborough Forge and Advanced Manufacturing Facility | KIRK

The Maryborough Forge and Advanced Manufacturing Facility is a proprietary, highly functional design that protects and enhances the technically complex production process within the manufacturing warehouse. The constrained site of this advanced manufacturing facility in rural Queensland was poised to access an existing specialised heavy engineering skilled workforce. Along with a highly technical and advanced warehouse, the entire environment needed to be enticing to skilled workers who would spend most their day in such a remote location. A key component of our strategy was to establish an office that stands as a biophilic retreat from the demanding manufacturing processes. With Hyne Timbers (Xlam) operating just 250m down the road, it was a natural choice to use locally produced Mass Engineered Timber (MET) from Australian softwood plantations. We see this exciting project as part of the evolution in a new typology in industrial and warehousing MET projects.

Morgan Street Revitalization | DESIGNANDARCHITECTURE and M.Ramsay

The Morgan Street Revitalisation project in Mount Morgan, Central Queensland, aims to rejuvenate the town’s main streetscape and bring its unique history into the foreground. With a focus on safety and accessibility, the project transforms the existing layout, which includes a park flanked by one-way roads and shops into a more inclusive space. Landscaping and meandering paths take people on a journey of exploration through the town’s history, while seating areas are provided for moments of reflection, along with an improved street crossing for local students.
Key historical elements such as The Running the Cutter Statue and The Mafeking Bell have been preserved and added. And steel arbours inspired by the old opencut mines replace the deceased Tree of Knowledge, offering shade and paying homage to the town’s mining history. This revitalisation project blends landscape and history, offering a unique and accessible public space that honours Mount Morgan’s unique heritage.

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