At home with photographer Dan Hocking

What does the concept of home mean to you?

Home is a place where I’m at peace and have access to the things that are most important to my partner, Laura, and myself. A place that allows us to bring our lives together and to share time with the people we love.

Practice Profile: Muci

Starting a business and a family at the same time might sound like a nightmare, and we are not here to tell you that it’s been easy, but lately, we’ve realised the juggle brings with it substantial long-term benefits for our practice.

Practice Profile: Architects&Co.

As the aphorism goes, running a business with someone is like being in a marriage. Based on trust, mutual respect and good communication, Felice Burrows and Tamara Brestovac have created a solid union in their practice Architects&Co.

At home with photographer Tom Ross

What does the concept of home mean to you? Jeepers. All the clichés, about family I guess, but also I want it to act as a constant reminder of who we are, and where we’re trying to go.

Practice Profile: Whispering Smith

Growing up on a farm in rural Victoria, Kate Fitzgerald learnt how to run a business early in life. “Mum and dad encouraged me to be a part of the farm from a young age – whether it was rounding up or shearing sheep, or driving the tractor,” says Kate. “We learnt how to solve problems creatively. There was no Bunnings around the corner!”

Practice Profile: Kaunitz and Yeung Architecture

Through a series of projects in the arid environment of Western Australia, predominantly built for Aboriginal communities, Kaunitz and Yeung Architecture has proposed a different approach to working with the beautiful, yet harsh, desert environment. Designing with, not for, remote Aboriginal communities, Kaunitz and Yeung are changing the narrative of remote regional architecture – creating a new vernacular for Australian desert architecture.

NGV Triennial Outdoor Pavilions: BoardGrove Architects

For the National Gallery of Victoria’s 2020 Triennial outdoor program, BoardGrove Architects designed a collection of transient pavilions situated in the gallery’s Grollo Equiset Garden. Drawing on their diverse experience, BoardGrove designed a novel response that skillfully responded to the project brief’s size and budget.

Architect at home: Sam Klopper

For Klopper and Davis Architects director Sam Klopper, the orientation and topography of the North Street Swanbourne block made it the perfect site for a family home.

Architect at Home: Nick Harding

Architecturally, we wanted to test whether a 150-metre-square house with a small courtyard could become our spacious family home. On a relatively modest footprint, the key gesture was to borrow space from both the courtyard itself and the nearby Yarra River and Abbotsford Convent precinct.

Practice profile: Fowler & Ward

Studio founders Jessie Fowler and Tara Ward on starting a practice committed to creating strong spaces and environmentally responsive designs.

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