Creating Flexible Spaces (with a focus on the education sector)

Architects and interior designers are challenged to create schools for the future with products that did not traditionally met the requirements for modern education spaces. Through critical consideration, doors and door systems inject required flexibility, while still meeting requirements of adaptability, DDA compliance, acoustics, safety, and sustainability.
– Aluminium Industries / Glyde

Understanding Appearance Grade Plywood

Learn about appropriate plywood grades and finishes for appearance applications, and how they relate to Australian standards and environmental certifications.
– Austral Plywoods

Healthcare & Aged Care Fundamentals

Learn more about the selection and specification of lining materials in relation to Wall and Ceiling Systems for Healthcare and Aged Care Facilities, not only in accordance with the current NCC standards, but with increased, and possible future, safeguard considerations in mind.
– Knauf

Understanding Section J NCC 2022 – Windows & Doors

Provide an understanding of Section J NCC 2022 and its implications on Window & Door selections. What are the impacts of different products on overall Facade Performance and how they may affect overall building design. The Section J requirements within NCC 2022 have been designed to ensure more energy efficient Façade Systems are required. With an approximate improvement of 30% in performance stringency, it is imperative we select appropriate window and doors systems.
– Alspec

Importance of Passive Fire Protection

The course provides an introduction to fire compartmentation techniques and the importance of using passive firestopping in conjunction to active fire control measures, covering common applications requiring passive firestopping.
– Hilti

Cladding Rectification Done Right

Cladding rectification is a complex process. Learn how to identify buildings in need of rectification, how each state is managing this process, and products that are safe to use as replacements.
– Fairview

An Introduction to Acrylic Solid Surfaces

Learn the basics of Acrylic Solid Surfaces, from composition to the design capabilities. With seamless, thermoformable features of Acrylic Solid Surfaces, shape creation and design has never looked so good.
– Laminex

Condensation Conundrums

The NCC introduced condensation management in 2019 under health and amenity. This CPD looks at legacy problems and how design, specification, and understanding of various control layers can contribute to effective management of condensation risk.
– Proctor Group

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