Killcare House | Southmarc Architecture

The only sustainable solution is to renovate.
The original house was constructed 50 years ago on the edge of the Bouddi National Park.
Now it is wrapped with insulation, powered by 10KW of Solar panels (car, cooking, heating and cooling), is doubled glazed and protected from bushfires.
All new work is made from concrete.
Sustainable engineered timber is throughout the interior : on floors, benches, hook rails and dining table. All custom designed to suit the space.
The architectural expression is playful. Internally two red steel portal frames mark the threshold of the Bushfire Flame Zone.
Light penetrates deeply with the use of Danpalon translucent polycarbonate. It surrounds the ensuite and forms the balustrade.
The new native filled garden attracts biodiverse native species: wallabies, a goanna, turkeys and native birds.
This was an old house, that has evolved to become electric. Conservation is no longer optional – it is essential.

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