Birkalla House | Aspect Architecture

Inspired by the neighbouring homes and the existing urban fabric of Brisbane City, this family home offers stillness and solace designed to rest within its busy surroundings. The home achieves a balance between expansive city views, controlled connection to the street, serene retreats within lush gardens and a neutral palette that fosters a harmonious atmosphere. Positioned on a sloping and elongated site, the building form unfolds through a unique elongated spine with a central gathering point that draws the landscape through the whole site. The use of masonry as the lower building material not only anchors the home but makes a statement of enduring permanence and allows the higher portion of the building to sit lightly within the site. The thoughtful planning and response to site topography and orientation enable the home to maximise a green oasis within the city context for gathering and play.

Blok Peregian | Blok Modular in collaboration with Vokes and Peters

Blok Peregian is a modest 2-bedroom house with a small, secondary dwelling, located underneath to exploit the slope.

The principal structure adopts the language and rhythm of the neighbouring vernacular beach house.
A number of raw concrete elements sit in the foreground, anchoring the composition.

Internally, a split-level cross section registers the topography below, and yields suitable privacy for the intimate rooms within the compact plan. Large openings from the bedrooms privileges these terminal spaces with expanding views through the open-planned living room.

A wide verandah spanning the entire width of the long living room acts as a coastal ‘Aediculae’, from which one is immersed in the nearby Pacific Ocean panorama.

Built in a factory and delivered as 4 modules, the house belongs to a body of work produced in collaboration between Blok Modular and Vokes and Peters, exploring the adaptability and sustainability of volumetric modular building procurement.

Bombala | Sealand

A light-filled house with protection from the subtropical sun, wind and rain.
Bombala is a house for a couple to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and entertain friends and family.
The first challenge was to open the house to the outside, while also being able to provide protection from the subtropical sun and rain. To maximise light, ventilation and water views, we used big sliding glass doors and windows that could open to the outside.
To provide protection from the summer sun and rain, windows and doors have overhanging roofs and timber vertical screens. We also included two covered deck spaces. One on the north and one on the south. The clients can move around the house to be out of the wind, or to enjoy the ideal sun conditions, depending on the time of day and year.

Corymbia | Tim Ditchfield Architects

Corymbia is a beachside weekender inspired by the nostalgia of regional coastal dwellings across Australia. A place of salty barefoot days. A multi-generational dwelling where treasured memories are created. Rest, respite, rejuvenation. Unfussy and unpretentious. Functional yet joyous. Stripped back yet playful. Natural, Native and of its place. Of the dunes, the coastal heath, the Wallum Country.

A grassed north facing courtyard is the heart of the dwelling. A place to lounge, play and converse. This element is flanked by two wings separated by an outdoor breezeway space, and united by the sheltering roof over. Cars were deliberately relegated away from the street frontage, freeing the frontage of crude garages that often dominate the street. A timber sleeper driveway and crossover are a nod to the sandy beach tracks of K’gari and completes the subordination of the vehicle in favour of people.

Coulson Creek Shed | Reddog Architects

Coulson Creek Shed was envisioned as a rural retreat where the convergence of nature and communal spaces would harmonize seamlessly. Sited away from the property entry, the home intentionally turns it back to the road to provide privacy to the internal and external living spaces. Deliberate orientation of the shed towards the north captures the panoramic spectacle of Mount Greville and Coulson Creek strategically framed by carefully placed windows in the main bedroom and living room. An expressed portal structural with corrugated zincalume cladding references the shed typology common in the area while allowing for a more refined interior. The idea of a rural shed, however, serves as a mere facade, concealing a more cultivated interior.

East Room House | Loucas Zahos Architects

The program is arranged around an outdoor room located on the Eastern side of the circulation spine. This creates a central court that reveals itself from all areas of the house. This outdoor room allows Eastern morning light to permeate the rear of the house, with large sliding doors almost 5m in height allow the boundaries of the building envelope to blur with the landscape and allow occupants to enjoy the subtropical climate beyond its walls. Contemporary abstractions of the traditional Queenslander are revealed through the materiality of the house.

Doonan House | Kelly Martin Architecture

Our brief was to build a home that fosters a sense of connection and closeness within the family and stimulates an awareness of the greater world outside of self.
A semi-permeable KLD space connects the wings and opens up to the southeast/northwest while maintaining shading from the late summer sun.
Sightlines through the building were important to maintain a visual connection to the landscape, as was direct access for as many rooms as possible.
A sense of lightness was created by lifting the building off the ground and lifting the living space roof and fully opening on each side, which was contrasted with the heaviness and anchoring of the rammed earth walls.
The wings either side were separated via use. To one side was the family sleeping zone with direct access to the outdoor shower at the far end. The other contained the carport, mudroom and guest/office.

Dorge | Base Architecture

Dorge stands proudly at the precipice of Toowoomba’s Glenn Lomond Park. Through its grandeur of scale, form and materiality it is a home that presents itself to be robust to the first-time visitor, however once welcomed inside, the softer interior begins to reveal itself. The interior architecture humbly steps back to play background, while allowing the captivating surroundings of this family home to take the lead role. With a subtle nod to Australian homesteads of the past and present, this home celebrates the best of rural life and a harmonious relationship with landscape.

Hopewell Street Residence | W.I.M Architects

The Hopewell Street Residence was founded on the idea of creating a modern adaptation of the beach shack with functional spaces that could accommodate dynamic programmes for the owners.

The primary design was formed around two distinct wings with a connecting breezeway link across the levels. The wings are divided into both public and private realms and the programme is addressed through the various levels.

The materiality was to be raw and natural and in some layers blends with the natural environment/context.

The process involved a strong integration with both Engineer and Builder which through weekly site meetings, sketches after surfs and a buy in by all parties led to a high-end outcome with strong ensuing relationships between client, builder, and architect. The house is as much a representation of the client and builder as it is the architect.

Huet | Base Architecture

Our clients’ home commands attention with its bold architectural statement, strategically positioned to captivate both street level and surrounding landscape views. Reflecting their appreciation for mid-century aesthetics, the design blends retro influences with modern sensibilities. Deliberate choices in facade detailing and dynamic roof forms create a distinctive identity while enhancing the streetscape’s visual appeal. Internally, the layout maximises spatial efficiency, seamlessly integrating living spaces with private areas through clever design solutions. Careful consideration was given to construction methods, ensuring a high-quality build within the budget constraints. Emphasising natural light and ventilation, the home prioritises sustainability and comfort. As a residence tailored to two town planners, it sets a new standard for suburban living, harmonising with its environment while promoting attainable and sustainable development.

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