Student Organised Network for Architecture

Who we Are

SONA (Student Organised Network for Architecture) is the national student-membership body of the Australian Institute of Architects. Student members have access to a huge range of support networks and forums, information, resources, events, prizes and competitions. 

There are SONA networks active in all states and territories that are supported by the SONA executive team.

What we stand for

SONA aims to advance the interests of architecture students, their education and the profession as a whole through the promotion of student work and thinking.

SONA members are the new wave of Australian design talent, and we’re set to support tomorrow’s architects with the resources to augment their learning and prepare them for their future careers. By becoming a student member of the Australian Institute of Architects you will gain a better understanding on how the profession works and get the same access to valuable tools and information as the country’s leading firms and practices.

Our mission

SONA aims to foster a culture of community, leadership and collaboration between students for the advancement of architecture. This is achieved by bringing together students from across the Australia to participate in national and local events, to advocate for students and to offer opportunities for professional development.

SONA members at Bond University O Week 2020

Who can join?

Photographer: Mikael Kristenson


Students enrolled in a Bachelors or Master’s program in a recognised architecture or related course in Australia are eligible to apply for SONA membership.

Examples of architecture or related courses are

  • landscape architecture
  • engineering
  • planning
  • interior design
  • urban design
  • environmental design.

Join the national student-membership body

SONA Membership

$39 annual fee (includes GST)

The 2022 SONA membership year is from November 2021 – December 2022.

See the terms and conditions
All 2022 individual member category rates can be viewed here

Membership renewal

Not active? Login to the portal using your membership number and password to renew your membership today to continue enjoying exclusive benefits and resources. 

Unsure of your member portal username (Institute-registered email address) to access the member portal?  Contact the membership team for assistance.

See the terms and conditions

Membership benefits

Shape your Future

SONA membership helps connect you with the profession, helping you shape your future career.

Receive Architecture Australia and Architectural Product News digital magazines free for the duration of your membership.

A voice of encouragement when you have doubts – a mentor is someone you can bounce ideas off and get a push in the right direction.

Receive free access to the Acumen Practice Notes, a wealth of practice notes and useful information for assignments and life-long learning. As a SONA member you can familiarise yourself with products the professionals use. 

Receive free access to advice and guidance on employment issues, find links to agencies and services that can offer support and assistance at all stages of your career and your life.  Learn techniques to reach a healthy work/study life balance.

Push your creativity and design skills to the next level by participating in Upscale & Super Studio (linked to pages). Participation if free for SONA members.

Newsletter – stay up to date

Receive SONA e-news bi-monthly to your inbox, keeping you updated on national wide events, competitions, prizes, policies and industry news

SONA connects you to your peers and the profession through local and national events and competitions.

SONA Members can access ‘Community’ – an online discussion and resources platform where you can communicate and connect on important topics with fellow members.

Be involved in our National architecture conference as a student volunteer. SONA members are always invited to lend a hand so keep an eye out for more details.

An podcast series launched by EmAGN interviewing leading architects. An ideal resource for students entering the world of architecture and wanting to better understand what it means to be an architect in Australia today.

SONA membership makes it easy for you to meet professionals and students from other year levels and universities. Make sure you follow SONA on social media and visit the website regularly.

SONA executive and SONA representatives advocate on behalf of students In 2020, with the theme of renew,  SONA will be actively engaged in addressing issues of sustainability, resilience and strength in both the environment and the community that works and learns within it.

Brand new in 2021 SONA members will have access to the Institute communities platform. 

This is a new online discussion and resources platform where you can communicate and connect on important topics with fellow members and continue to access these discussions via a dedicated Resource Library.