The Tiing | Nic Brunsdon

2020 International Chapter Architecture Awards

2020 International Chapter Architecture Awards: People's Choice

The Tiing | Nic Brunsdon

Commercial Architecture

Situated on the northern coast of Bali, the Tiing is a boutique resort embedded into its local and cultural context. Due to its remote location, the design deliberately leans on traditional materials and construction techniques, while providing a robust conceptual framework.
The materiality of this project aims to work within the local context, construction techniques, resources, and climate; a rugged regionalism. Concrete and bamboo are abundant, so it was best to work with these materials throughout. Expressing the texture and form of the bamboo as a negative impression in the patina of the concrete becomes this project’s motif.
Architecturally, these walls act as funnels, giving each room equal and opposing view of the mountain and the ocean. We thought it vitally important to draw attention to this dual condition as part of a locating and grounding travel experience. This is a place for unwinding, reconnecting to the self, and nature.

The Tiing | Nic Brunsdon | Photographer: Ben Hosking


Practice team

Nic Brunsdon – Director

Parisuda Mangun – Project Architect Indonesia

Craig Nener – Graduate of Architecture

Michelle Kar – Graduate of Architecture

James Russell – Studio Assistant


Manguning- Builder

Luwak Resorts – Developer

Ben Hosking – Photographer

Project Location

Tejakula, Bali

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