Architecture and Media – Season 02 Episode 08

When it comes to getting design inspiration, magazines have always been a gold mine for designers and the public alike. Since design blogs, websites and social media took off, there has been an explosion of different ways to get a design fix.

Novation – Season 02 Mini Episode 07

In this mini-episode, you’re going to be hearing from Jeremy Schluter. Jeremy is a senior associate with Hassell Studio and when we recorded this Jeremy was a member of the committee developing a Code of Novation guideline for the Australian Institute of Architects.

Novation – Season 02 Episode 07

To get a building built there needs to be a contract between the builder and client. Novation contracts are a new model of contract that some architects say may impact build quality. Others say when these risks are managed correctly, there’s less to worry about than first thought.

Learning architecture – Season 02 Mini Episode 06

In this Hearing Architecture mini-episode you’re going to be hearing from the architect, teacher, and “Buildings on Air” host Keefer Dunn. This episode was coordinated by SONA, the Student Organised Network for Architecture, and the interview was conducted by SONA Vice-president Nicole Mesquita Mendes .

Learning architecture – Season 02 Episode 06

Making the choice to study architecture at university is a big one because so few people have any exposure to what studying architecture is until you actually start studying it. In this episode of Hearing Architecture, we’re talking to Kyle Sinko, Yoana Doleva, and Bobbie Bayley about how they’ve approached their architectural education and what they’ve done to get the most out of their learning experience.

Reporting from Overseas – Season 02 Mini Episode 05

In this Hearing Architecture mini episode you’re going to be hearing EmAGN committee member Kalyna Sparks speaking with Tom Dufficy who was a 2019 Multidisciplinary Australian Danish Exchange or MADE Scholarship winner. Tom was working in Hamburg Germany when this was recorded in 2020.

Emerging architects – Season 02 Mini Episode 04

In this mini-episode, you’re going to be hearing from Bek Verrier. Bek is an award-winning Project Architect at the Hobart based practice Bence Mulcahy and also heavily involved in community projects throughout the architecture professional. Bek shares how she developed her career as an emerging architect on the beautiful island state of Tasmania.

Emerging architects – Season 02 Episode 04

In this episode, we’re talking to Erin Crowden, Monique Woodward, and Warren Haasnoot about how they’re doing so much incredible work as emerging architects when just the normal amount of work can result in very little time at home and with family and friends.