Symposium: Lost Opportunities

Join us in Adelaide as an outstanding group of speakers discuss projects that were never realised and how they have influenced and affected our communities.

Contract Management and Risk identification Masterclass

This landmark Masterclass program provides participants with the knowledge to understand construction contract management principles, contract law and construction risk, and use that knowledge to: • Understand the legal and […]

Leading with technology – Season 02 Episode 10

Technology is present in nearly every aspect of architectural practice, whether it be digital sketches, building information modeling, or even simply keeping timesheets. Along with the technology in architecture studios, the tools that builders and fabricators use are getting more advanced.

Heritage and Culture – Season 02 Mini Episode 09

In this mini-episode, you’re going to be hearing from Georgia Birks. Georgia is an indigenous practicing graduate architect and co-curator of the Asia Pacific Architecture Festival aka APAF. At the time of this recording, Georgia was working as an Associate with Meyers Elliott in Brisbane and since then started a new position at Architecture Media.

Heritage and Culture – Season 02 Episode 09

While it might seem like some of the most clinical, prescriptive, or old fashioned architecture work, working on heritage and conservation projects can help connect us with some of the strongest collective emotions of a community. In this episode of Hearing Architecture, we’re talking to Susan Philips, Eric Martin, and Sophie Bence…

Architecture and Media – Season 02 Mini Episode 08

In this mini-episode, you’re going to be hearing from Sarah Lebner. Sarah is the principal architect at Light House Architecture and Science, author of “101 Things I didn’t Learn in Architecture School” and the 2020 ACT and National Emerging Architect Prize winner.

Architecture and Media – Season 02 Episode 08

When it comes to getting design inspiration, magazines have always been a gold mine for designers and the public alike. Since design blogs, websites and social media took off, there has been an explosion of different ways to get a design fix.

Novation – Season 02 Mini Episode 07

In this mini-episode, you’re going to be hearing from Jeremy Schluter. Jeremy is a senior associate with Hassell Studio and when we recorded this Jeremy was a member of the committee developing a Code of Novation guideline for the Australian Institute of Architects.