Siniat is one of the leading manufacturers of interior and exterior materials for lightweight construction, and forms part of the 60-brand strong, industrial group Etex. In Australia Siniat is the only manufacturer of plasterboard and metal systems that offers a Climate Active certified carbon neutral products to the market.

In the presentation Siniat’s National Architectural Manager Nazli Almasirad explains how the Climate Active certified opt-in carbon neutral program and other sustainability commitments are boosted and supported by the sustainability and innovation commitments of the Etex Group as a whole.

Earlier this year Siniat Australia launched Createx and Creason – a new range of acoustic perforated plasterboard products with superior sound absorption properties and clean air technology.

Siniat has also recently introduced Version 3 of their comprehensive technical manual, the Siniat Blueprint. Blueprint is available online and has been optimized for online use, but printed versions can be supplied on request.

Here are the hyperlinks for the content used in the presentation:

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