At home with photographer Dan Hocking

What does the concept of home mean to you?

Home is a place where I’m at peace and have access to the things that are most important to my partner, Laura, and myself. A place that allows us to bring our lives together and to share time with the people we love.

At home with photographer Tom Ross

What does the concept of home mean to you? Jeepers. All the clichés, about family I guess, but also I want it to act as a constant reminder of who we are, and where we’re trying to go.

Architect at home: Jimmy Thompson

Jimmy Thompson’s own house, for which he won the WA Chapter’s top residential architecture award in 2022, is a case study – and exemplar – for a battle axe block.

Architect at home: Sam Klopper

For Klopper and Davis Architects director Sam Klopper, the orientation and topography of the North Street Swanbourne block made it the perfect site for a family home.

Architect at Home: Nick Harding

Architecturally, we wanted to test whether a 150-metre-square house with a small courtyard could become our spacious family home. On a relatively modest footprint, the key gesture was to borrow space from both the courtyard itself and the nearby Yarra River and Abbotsford Convent precinct.

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