Tehran + architect Kamran Diba

Tehran is a busy metropolis with densely packed housing and small galleries, parks, cafes and restaurants in the pockets of every main street. A stroll around Tajrish or Valiasr neighbourhood, and you might come across a cafe run by a few philosophy students, filled with books you have yet to hear of, piled on top of each other from
floor to ceiling.

The importance of Gender Impact Assessments in shaping future cities

The Royal Commission into Family Violence and resultant legislation has brought about changes to the way that built environment professionals are required to approach design. The legislation provides frameworks to help ensure we are addressing important issues regarding gender inclusivity. Understanding and addressing gendered outcomes is now a mandatory responsibility.

At home with photographer Dan Hocking

What does the concept of home mean to you?

Home is a place where I’m at peace and have access to the things that are most important to my partner, Laura, and myself. A place that allows us to bring our lives together and to share time with the people we love.

Off Grid House: Archier

Located within a treasured landscape, this origami-like family home envelops several generations under one roof while mimicking tones of the mountain rocks and the creek nearby.

Hargeisa + architect Rashid Ali

I have recently come across the work of Rashid Ali, a London-based architect who has ancestral roots in Hargeisa. Knowing the struggles Somalia has had over the last three decades, I am inspired by architects like Rashid Ali who are willing to go back and rebuild Somalia.

Wilam Ngarrang Retrofit: Kennedy Nolan

The Wilam Ngarrang Retrofit, a minimal intervention renewal of a 1970s walk-up apartment block in Fitzroy, demonstrates the benefits of adaptation over demolition and the housing sector’s latency in turning toward the renewal of existing stock.

At home with photographer Tom Ross

What does the concept of home mean to you? Jeepers. All the clichés, about family I guess, but also I want it to act as a constant reminder of who we are, and where we’re trying to go.

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