The Leaf : A Garden Pavilion | Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture

In the middle of Brisbane suburbia The Leaf is a garden pavilion situated in the spectacular surrounds of an elegant heritage listed residence Eulalia.

Whilst respecting the historic functionality of the old house the client wanted a lifestyle taking advantage of the subtropical climate and garden by creating a contemporary outside living space. So as not to detract from the heritage value of the house the idea evolved as a separate structure for shade and weather shelter for outside living, relaxation and cooking particularly, whilst taking advantage of the ambience of subtle blend of the Australian and Asian inspired garden.

There is always the naive temptation to opt for a pastiche that copies and mimics the tectonics of the old house. The Leaf was conceived as invisible and visually quiet, relating to botanical context, respecting the integrity of the surrounds and view vistas from the verandas of the residence.

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