MG House | Williams Burton Leopardi

The layered nature of any heritage home is ultimately what makes its preservation so important. MG House – being one of the few of its style remaining in Adelaide – retained the memory of its past in so many ways and integrating reminders of that delicacy and filigree through a contemporary lens, became the focus. In crafting the interior to both connect and flow from inside-out, the curation and detailing of every element carries forward an homage to the past, emphasising a timelessness.
Opening up and reorienting the entry to the rear ensures the experience of the home (one that is light-filled and calm), is immediately present and all-consuming. Framed views and openings connect to the landscape, enriching a sense of seclusion. Throughout, personalised moments connect directly with the owners and the activities they love, while maintaining a sense of scale and grace.

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