Atkinson Recycle | Light House Architecture and Science

The Atkinson Recycle demonstrates the enormous potential within Canberra’s existing housing stock by transforming a classic Canberra 413 ‘ex–govie’ into an energy efficient, family home.

In 1882 the Atkinson cycle was designed to provide efficiency at the expense of power density. In 2022, this little house was re–designed to provide efficiency at the expense of unnecessary floor area and embodied carbon.

The original ‘ex–govvie’ character remains while the functionality and sustainability have been dramatic dramatically improved. The revitalized home achieves an impressive energy efficiency rating of 7.2 stars and uses more than 60% **less** energy than the average Canberra home.

With careful attention to detail, including a refreshed façade and thoughtful interior design, the home seamlessly blends with its surroundings while offering modern comforts and a very small carbon footprint.

This exemplary project demonstrates a commitment to sustainable suburb reinvigoration and sets a benchmark for sensitive yet innovative housing transformation.

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