WA mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations

The WA Government announced their Mandatory Vaccination Policy identifying the ‘building, maintenance or construction services’ sector in the Group 2 of industries and occupations requiring first dose of vaccination by 31 December 2021 and second dose by 31 January 2022.

What does this mean for architects?

  • The general intent of the regulation is based on the Chief Health Officer (CHO) advice with aim of safeguarding the construction and infrastructure industry from potential shutdowns, once the WA border is re-opened ‘sometime next year’. Regulation is in effect under the Public Health Act WA 2016 where ‘workplaces’ are defined as premises.
  • Essentially, the message is: “NO ONE ENTERS SITE WHO IS NOT VACCINATED
  • In practice, the industry awaits the Health Order Directions which define by whom and how records are kept, extent of ‘base camps’ requiring vaccination (i.e., building company offices and architectural offices), industrial relations support, proposed process for employees refusing vaccinations, etc. –
  • The government is referencing the Victorian Status Register and process in formulating the Directions.
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Future updates will be provided, as information from the CHO is received and Directions are drafted.

The Institute recommends that its members follow authoritative Government health advice according to the public health risks in their particular state or territory and carry out their professional practice in accordance with the government requirements that are recommended or regulated for the construction sector, occupation classification or industry more broadly.