Victorian Policy & Advocacy Update

The latest Victorian advocacy and policy update.


The Institute is currently finalising its submission to Victorian Parliament Legislative Assembly Environment and Planning Committee’s Inquiry into Apartment Design Standards. The Terms of Reference for the inquiry include, that the Committee

should consider better apartment design standards, in a global context including, but not limited to, an examination of the:

(a) current apartment living standards in Victoria;

(b) improvements that can be made to the liveability in apartments and apartment building developments, including communal areas; and

(c) initiatives undertaken by other states or nations that have improved apartment design standards.


The Policy and Advocacy unit of the Institute has conducted two roundtables with members and is working with the participants to finalise the resulting submission. A number of issues have been identified and recommendations are being made in relation to:

  • Precinct level master planning,
  • Planning approvals and design review panels
  • Indoors and outdoors space
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility
  • Appropriate design practitioners
  • Long term maintenance a post-occupancy evaluation

Once finalised and lodged the submission will be accessible from the Institute’s submission library.