Governance changes passed at Institute of Architects’ AGM

Newly appointed National President, Ken Maher is pleased to announce the amendments to the governance structure of the Australian Institute of Architects have been passed at the Annual General Meeting in Melbourne.

The changes will see a Board of Directors established to manage the fiduciary and legal obligations of the Institute, freeing up the member-elected National Council to focus on policy, strategy and the issues most important to members and the profession.

‘It is an exciting time for the Institute and these changes will only strengthen the ability of the Institute to advocate on behalf of our members and provide the services contemporary practices need,’ Maher said.

‘I would like to congratulate and thank my predecessors David Karotkin, Jon Clements and the National Executive on their hard work and dedication in bringing about these effective changes.’

An independent review of the Institute’s governance structure by Henry Bosch AO in 2015 identified a number of difficulties in effective governance experienced by the 16 strong National Council managing the full duties of directorship.

The new model comes into effect from 22 August and will consist of a smaller Board of Directors made up of five National Councillors including the President, President-Elect and Immediate Past President and two elected members of National Council. The Board will also be supported by up to three independent directors with specialised skillsets.

National Council will remain a fully member-elected group of 16 representing each of the states and territories along with nationally-elected members.

The changes will be written into the Memorandum & Articles of the Institute (Constitution) and includes a mandate for the Board to have a minimum of three female and three male directors.

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