Gurra Gurra Framework 2020-2026

The Gurra Gurra Framework 2020–2026 is designed to help The Department of Environment and Science (DES) work in genuine partnership with Queensland’s First Nations people to achieve stronger outcomes for Country and people. It is a framework that has been developed with input from across the department and co-designed with external First Nations leaders in Queensland, to identify and formalise the structure required for change. It works to continue connection to culture and place through better governance and management of Country.

Gibbons Street Redfern

Gibbons Street is a Multi Residential built project that was completed in 2021. It is a mixed-use development of 160 social and affordable living units in a tower form with retail and commercial space. The design responds to Aboriginal historical and cultural context, featuring Aboriginal heritage items and materials that are significant in the streetscape of the area along with featured Aboriginal artists’ works.

Designing with Country

Designing with Country is a part of the Connecting with Country Framework. It involves taking a Country-centred approach with spatial design opportunities that improve the functional design of projects and reinforce a connection with Country.

Changes Gallery (WA Museum Boola Bardip)

Changes is an exhibition space in the Western Australia Museum Boola Bardip. Changes explores transforming landscapes, including the evolution of Western Australia of a millennia and Indigenous knowledge on Country and land management. The built space features interactive multimedia, graphics and objects.

Campus to Country Strategy for QUT

Campus to Country: Positioning Strategy is a written document by the Queensland University of Technology published in 2020. It is a strategy that outlines the importance of connecting to Country and provides guidelines for planning and designing culturally sensitive buildings, spaces and places that reflect local context and respond to the current needs of the campus community.

Aboriginal Cultural Values: An Approach for Engaging with Country

A document providing an approach for engaging with Country, community and culture, as part of planning, design and environmental management disciplines. Included is an overview of a process for developing a masterplan framework for caring for Country. This written document is directed towards planners, environmental managers, architects, designers, engineers, public servants, developers and decisionmakers who are directly affecting Country through their work.

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