Walanga Wingara Mura Design Principles

A written document published by the University of Sydney. The document informs how institutions belong to Country and how they should approach designing and building on Country by outlining the principles three directives: Engaged Enquiry, Community of Practice and Mutual Accountability.

WA Museum Boola Bardip

The built project, Boola Bardip is a museum in Perth’s renewed cultural centre. Created in collaboration with Aboriginal Advisory Group and Whadjuk Elders, it is a significant public space for history, culture and community.

Transformations: Gendered Indigeneity

An Audio-visual discussing the way Indigeneity and Gender intersect and advocacy groups and how they work alongside First Nations Peoples. This discussion takes place between Sarah Lynn Rees (Palawa) and Carroll Go-Sam (Dyirbal bama) at Melbourne School of Design.

Te Ara Kotahi (Our Māori Strategy)

Te Ara Kotahi (our Māori Strategy) is a written document for Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. The document provides strategic direction on how Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency plans to work with and respond to Māori as the Crown’s Treaty partner. The purpose is to work with Māori to build strong, meaningful and enduring relationships to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. The Strategy document includes their objectives, their vision and an action plan.

South Eveleigh Native Rooftop Farm

This garden was co-designed by members of the Local Indigenous Community. The space features diverse plants with focus on Sydney Region species and reinvigoration of cultural cultivation practices. The built project also creates habitat for both people and wildlife.

Reflections Gallery (WA Museum Boola Bardip)

Reflections is one of the permanent gallery spaces a part of the Western Australian Museum, Boola Bardip (Many Stories). The space holds a diverse range of subject areas, highlighting personal stories of being a Western Australian including those of First Australians. The space holds structures that showcase the collection and many stories while highlighting the heritage space of the Jubilee building.

Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Services (PAMS) Newman Clinic

The PAMS Newman Clinic is a built project that opened in 2020. It is the first primary healthcare clinic facility to be built in Newman. Following the vision of the Nyiyaparli and Martu Peoples, the Newman Clinic gives Aboriginal people access to community controlled and culturally appropriate health services.

Paleert Tjaara Dja Wadawurrung Healthy Country Plan

The Paleert Tjaara Dja, Let’s make Country good together 2020-2030 – Wadawurrung Country Plan is a documented plan that articulates how Wadawurrung see Country being cared for and managed over the next 10 years. The document includes information on Wadwurrung Country and culture. It serves as a resource providing principles, the Country plan, values, threats, programs and strategies.

Origins Gallery (WA Museum Boola Bardip)

Origins is one of the permanent gallery spaces that are a part of the Western Australian Museum, Boola Bardip (Many Stories). The Origins gallery explores the relationship between people, space, place and time and draws inspiration from the ancient landscapes of Western Australia. It draws on landforms on Country, Indigenous knowledge and utilises shape, texture, colour and light to transform the space.

Jefa Greenaway – Placemaking with the Koorie Heritage Trust

Audio-visual of Indigenous Architect Jefa Greenaway discussing the incorporation of Indigenous placemaking principles into design. It further discusses how to give voice and agency to Indigenous considerations as it relates to the built environment.

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