Understanding The Thin Dotted Line That is External Above Grade Waterproofing

Participants of this CPD will explore the key considerations associated with specifying external above grade waterproofing. You will learn about the relevant clauses within the 2022 National Construction Code that are associated with the design and specification of external, above grade waterproofing and be able to describe the critical clauses within AS 4654.
– Tremco

Weatherproofing For External Wall Assemblies

With our CPD, gain insights into:
• The issues for buildings with poor weatherproofing processes
• External façade classifications within the NCC for weatherproofing
• Test methods adopted to determine the performance and suitability of external façade systems
– HVG Facades

Internal Wet Area Waterproofing… 2.5 times more expensive than it should be

Our team will unpack and identify the relevant clauses within the 2022 National Construction Code associated with the design and specification of internal wet area waterproofing. Participants will be able to explain key considerations related to material selection and describe the critical clauses within AS 3740:2021 for internal wet area waterproofing to ensure that regulatory requirements are satisfied.
– Tremco

Waterproofing and Protective Coatings for Concrete Structures

The Waterproofing and Protective Coatings CPD will look at the importance of waterproofing and protective coatings applied to reinforced concrete structures, including critical details and practical solutions for below grade, substrate preparation, falls and drainage, joints and abrasion resistance.
– Tremco

Below Ground Waterproofing

In this CPD you will be able to identify the importance of below ground waterproofing in structural design, planning and construction and correctly specify appropriate materials to meet a design brief.
– Dulux/Fosroc

Condensation Conundrums

The NCC introduced condensation management in 2019 under health and amenity. This CPD looks at legacy problems and how design, specification, and understanding of various control layers can contribute to effective management of condensation risk.
– Proctor Group

Designing Ventilated Facade Materials for Industry Compliance

In a move to make homes and workplaces in Australia healthy and safe, EQUITONE have developed a CPD presentation that provides a deeper understanding into the issues and challenges facing the building and construction industry. A technical and highly informative presentation, we will equip you with NCC compliant solutions to each topic, and provide insight into how these concerns can be managed and prevented in the future.
– Equitone

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