Designing Out Carbon

‘Designing Out Carbon’ delves into industry initiatives addressing carbon reduction, spotlighting a collaboration’s creation of an embodied carbon Roadmap for architects, NABERS’ work on a carbon standard, and tools for emission calculation.

Electrifying Architects

‘Electrifying Architects’ focuses on the crucial role of electrification in architecture for achieving a zero-carbon future, featuring discussions on emerging energy transition technologies, opportunities for architects, the importance of measurement in supporting sectoral transition, and scaling electrification for equitable energy access, all while emphasizing the event’s carbon-offset initiatives and live streaming for national audiences.

Sydney Water Building Plan Approval Processes – In Scope & Out of Scope

Comprehensive and free presentation to provide you with a thorough understanding of Sydney Water requirements for building adjacent to and over their assets, standard assets (in scope) and more complex assets (out of scope). Essential information for all architects, as part of your planning stage, and in the construction phase.
– MGP Building & Infrastructure Services

Sustainability and Innovation in Surfaces

The built environment produces a third of the world’s waste. Every year about 100 billion tonnes of raw materials are extracted for use across the buildings and construction sector. Today, it is possible to create products that have a positive impact on the world around us. More sustainable and carbon neutral, with higher percentages of recycled materials and a longer life cycle. Designing for a sustainable future requires architects, designers, and specifiers to look at materials from a more holistic perspective.
– Cosentino

Passivhaus Part 3 – Designing for the Future

Ready to unlock the secrets of sustainable architecture and design energy efficient buildings that will shape the future? Part 3 of our Passivhaus series explores the key principles and considerations for designing sustainable buildings with a focus on energy efficiency and long-term performance. Available on-demand.
– Smart Plus Academy

Passivhaus Part 1 – How it all began

Discover the Passivhaus approach to building design, emphasizing energy efficiency, sustainability, and healthy indoor environments. Learn how advanced building envelopes, fresh air systems, and energy harvesting reduce heating energy demand by up to 90%. Available on-demand.
– Smart Plus Academy

Understanding The Thin Dotted Line That is External Above Grade Waterproofing

Participants of this CPD will explore the key considerations associated with specifying external above grade waterproofing. You will learn about the relevant clauses within the 2022 National Construction Code that are associated with the design and specification of external, above grade waterproofing and be able to describe the critical clauses within AS 4654.
– Tremco

Internal Wet Area Waterproofing… 2.5 times more expensive than it should be

Our team will unpack and identify the relevant clauses within the 2022 National Construction Code associated with the design and specification of internal wet area waterproofing. Participants will be able to explain key considerations related to material selection and describe the critical clauses within AS 3740:2021 for internal wet area waterproofing to ensure that regulatory requirements are satisfied.
– Tremco

Door Hardware and the Australian Standards

This CPD discusses the importance of the Australian Standards and how they apply to the building hardware industry. We review the fundamentals of AS1905.1, AS1428.1 and AS4145.5 the basis of what should be specified when these standards are applicable.
– Allegion

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