Selection of Aluminium Windows and Doors for Commercial Applications

Provide an understanding of the key design considerations when selecting Aluminium Windows & Doors. There are a number of applicable Australian Standards that relate to Window & Door selections, we will give you an insight into how they affect your selections.
– Alspec

Understanding Section J NCC 2022 – Windows & Doors

Provide an understanding of Section J NCC 2022 and its implications on Window & Door selections. What are the impacts of different products on overall Facade Performance and how they may affect overall building design. The Section J requirements within NCC 2022 have been designed to ensure more energy efficient Façade Systems are required. With an approximate improvement of 30% in performance stringency, it is imperative we select appropriate window and doors systems.
– Alspec

Importance of Passive Fire Protection

The course provides an introduction to fire compartmentation techniques and the importance of using passive firestopping in conjunction to active fire control measures, covering common applications requiring passive firestopping.
– Hilti

Accessible Bathroom Design

Looking to upskill on AS1428.1-compliant accessible bathroom design? We’ll highlight key elements of the code, identify common mistakes made by specifiers and let you know what changes AS1428.1-2021 will bring.
– RBA Group

Sustainable concrete

Architects can reduce the embodied carbon of a building by specifying lower carbon construction materials. Concrete represents a significant portion of the embodied carbon of a building. This one hour course explains why concrete has a high embodied carbon content and how it can be reduced without compromising the project schedule or the engineering properties of the concrete.
– Boral

Slips & Trips

Our presentation is aimed to educate and aid specifiers and designers on issues faced when considering slips & trips when designing buildings. The focus in this presentation is slips and falls and the preventive measures that should be considered in the design stages. We detail the testing methods and guidelines set out by Standards Australia to meet duty of care requirements, providing you the knowledge to get your project specifications right the first time.
– Altro

Designing for Mental Health

Our presentation is aimed to educate and aid specifiers and designers on mental health and safety issues faced when designing buildings. The focus in this presentation is how we can use best practice design principles to make every project the best experience for each user from a mental health perspective We detail key principles set out in the current Australian Health Facility Guidelines so you can meet and exceed these expectations when designing acute mental health facilities.
– Altro

Designing Ventilated Facade Materials for Industry Compliance

In a move to make homes and workplaces in Australia healthy and safe, EQUITONE have developed a CPD presentation that provides a deeper understanding into the issues and challenges facing the building and construction industry. A technical and highly informative presentation, we will equip you with NCC compliant solutions to each topic, and provide insight into how these concerns can be managed and prevented in the future.
– Equitone

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