Karuah River Retreat | SHAC

The meander, a bend in a river, ancient, dappled shade, birdsong, timeless.

Worimi and Gringai country is known as land of ‘native plumb trees’, ‘abundant fish’ and ‘big water holes’ is a timeless place for food, shelter and harvest. This site has been a campground for generational families, later living in a shed, around pot bellies and possums.

SHAC sought to frame the edge of the old shed site, re-use bits and bobs and embrace the river sights, sounds and smells through a series of elevated passive pavilions. Prefabricated in Newcastle, assembled on site in a few days, then fitted out and finished off in-situ by some truly clever earthy folk.

Three new pavilions; one for living (family), one for sleeping (fatigue) and one for utilities (farm) blend quietly into the surroundings. It is honest and raw, as a farmhouse should be. We’ve totally lost the owners, they’ve gone bush!

10/30 House | Matt Thitchener Architect

10/30 house is a beautifully simple brick and timber framed home, situated in scenic Pearl Beach surrounded by trees, on a compromised flood prone site.
Ristricted to a building pad of just 12% of the total site area, with minimum street setbacks, simple planning has ensured that the house still feels open and grounded.
A simple and robust palette creates a quiet space from which to appreciate framed views of the surrounding bushland.
Clever design ensures close neighbours do not detract from the tranquil setting.
10/30 house is an unassuming home meant for retreat from the city and fostering family connection.

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