Wangaratta District Specialist School | Sibling Architecture

Wangaratta District Specialist School caters to students who have clinically diagnosed physical and intellectual disabilities. The new building provides spaces for students to develop skills that encourage independent living. Sensory design devices are employed including colour, tactility, and atmosphere. Such devices are an integral part of the pedagogical experience. These are manifested in several sensory considered spaces, spaces for quiet, spaces for wonder and spaces for respite. Classrooms are designed with intimate learning in mind, with each classroom having its own breakout space and outdoor zone. Colour is used throughout the design to create identity and familiarity for students. With each function of the school assigned a unique identity. The school provides students with space to build skills that encourage independent living, beyond the school years.

TL Robertson Library Refurbishment | Hames Sharley and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects in Association

Originally constructed in 1972, the brutalist TL Robertson Library is Curtin University’s largest and most historic building. Its refurbishment sought to redefine the purpose of the campus library, shifting away from preserving books towards prioritising social connection and a sense of community.

The library’s collection of books was consolidated and relocated to a high-density compactus system, freeing up space to accommodate a spectrum of learning settings; from social learning on the lower floors to silent study areas on the upper floors. The relocation of services enabled the addition of a new seventh level, with an event space that allows the library to host functions with up to 200 guests.

The previously enclosed building has been redefined to enhance its permeability and accessibility, with more legible entries, open floor plates and light-filled spaces, positioning the library as a beacon at the heart of the campus.

St Patrick’s College Performing Arts Centre | Wardle

St Patrick’s College Performing Arts Centre represents a once–in–a–generation transformation project for the school. The centrepiece is an 800–seat auditorium with retractable seating can host a range of events – from school assemblies, music/drama performances to community events. In addition, the black box rehearsal studio is a flexible space with the opportunity for practice or small–scale drama performances. A series of rehearsal studios and purpose–built areas for performing arts and staff spaces support the main space.

Set within an historic 120–year–old campus in Ballarat, the surrounding significant heritage buildings have been carefully considered in the architectural design. Located adjacent to the formal gardens, the building complements the primary frontage and assists in the development of a new campus forecourt and entry. The design response is contemporary but integrated with the campus context through careful consideration of scale, rhythm and materiality.

North Melbourne Primary School (Molesworth Street Campus) | ARM Architecture

The North Melbourne Primary School Molesworth Street Campus is a new $55–million vertical school for 525 students, with a 66–child kindergarten on the top level. It contains 21 classrooms, specialist learning spaces, a library, gymnasium, and a unique music/performing arts hub. Positioned as a benchmark project for future vertical schools in Victoria and interstate, its design responds to complex site challenges, ensuring accessibility and functionality. Collaborative efforts with specialists, lessons learned from various primary schools, and ongoing client engagement underline the project’s holistic approach. The school’s cultural significance extends beyond academia, encouraging community integration through a well–conceived social organisation model. With significant sustainability considerations and a commitment to 21st century learning, North Melbourne Primary School Molesworth Street Campus sets a new standard for educational spaces.

Dripstone Middle School STEAM Centre | Hames Sharley NT Pty Ltd

Dripstone Middle School’s STEAM Centre represents a bold new shift in innovation and modern educational practices, promoting inquiry-based learning, collaborative peer-to-peer interaction, and cutting-edge technology.

The state-of-the-art facility fosters learning across Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics and features a makerspace, robotics laboratory, green room, digital printing room and outdoor learning space and yarning circle.

The makerspace is integral to the centre and provides various learning and creative environments tailored to diverse educational needs. Traditional class settings, booths for focused activities, and high tables equipped with convenient drop-down power points for hands-on learning create a dynamic and interactive space.

The new STEAM Centre is an example of excellence in educational design and is a space that nurtures exploration and experimentation and equips students with essential skills for current and future employment opportunities.

Dandenong High School Design and Technology Hub | Kerstin Thompson Architects

Dandenong High School Design and Technology Hub is a final piece of the campus puzzle, the project takes an existing redundant aging gym and performing arts centre located against along the edge of the school and adaptively reuses the structural frame into a new two–level hub for design and technology studies.

The school envisaged the building as a space that would provide the students with a ‘real–world’ working environment where they could independently investigate the many streams of design and technology in the resolution of their projects. The key to creating these collaborative spaces is the establishment of a spine that links all the teaching spaces –encouraging the mixing of ideas and techniques. The pockets created along the spine blur the line between the more formal spaces and the informal ones, where ideas can be developed in small groups in a way more akin to a studio than a classroom.

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