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We build a community of architects committed to the significant role of the profession in creating better communities.

We provide our members with access to resources that support best practice, opportunities for continuous learning, and a voice in local and national policy-making. Our goal is to support the professional growth of our members and help them achieve success in their careers.


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Receive the official journal of the Australian
Institute of Architects (six issues per year)


Become a mentor to nurture the careers of students and emerging professionals


Connect with other members, share knowledge and discuss topics that matter to you


High quality online continuing professional development courses, national architecture conference and in-person events


Resources that support both employers and staff to better understand their workplace
rights and obligations

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Exclusive member benefits and discounts from a range of brands and suppliers of
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Membership Benefits

  • Access to Community – an online discussion and resources platform where you can communicate and connect on important topics with fellow members.
  • National and Chapter digital publications
  • Local and National E-News bulletins
  • President’s dedicated e-alerts
  • Australian Institute of Architects conventions & conferences
  • Networking opportunities
  • National Mentoring Program
  • HR Hub Online Resources
  • Acumen Practice Notes
  • CPD – event & online programs
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Senior counsellor service
  • Free Legal Reference Service
  • Results of national campaigns & surveys
  • Travelling scholarships   
  • Local, Chapter and National Architecture Awards programs
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Reference to Australian Institute of Architects on project boards
  • Member’s badge
  • Suffix (post-nominal letters) – RAIA
  • Voting rights
  • Committee membership
  • Representation to government
  • Media representation
  • International accords
  • National policy setting and voice


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Full membership subscription rates for 2024

$949 Annual Fee | $237.25 Quarterly Instalments (Incl GST)

Concession rates

Academic | $619 annual fee
Emerging Architect | $619 annual fee
Post-Graduated Leave | $235 annual fee
Parental Leave | $235 annual fee
Part-time (0.4 FTE) | $235 annual fee


Full membership subscription rates for 2024

$619 Annual Fee | $154.75 Quarterly Instalments (no GST)

Concession Rates

Post-Graduated Leave | $214 annual fee
Parental Leave | $214 annual fee
Part-time (0.4 FTE) | $214 annual fee


1. Complete application form

The online application takes only ten minutes to complete. Please have your registration details handy!


Complete your online application and fee payment.

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Emerging Architects and Graduates Network

Your personal network

EmAGN (Emerging Architects and Graduates Network) is the Institute’s network supporting graduates and emerging architects in their transition from student to experienced architect.

There are EmAGN groups active in all states and territories.

For more information about events and activities across the EmAGN network visit the dedicated website or connect via social media.


Member category members who attained architectural registration with one of the architect registrations boards in Australia for the first time with the last three years (2021 – 2024) are eligible for the emerging architect fee. The fee option is on the application form.

Individual members can pay either by one annual payment or in four quarterly instalments.

Are you an actively practicing registered architect who is a sole practitioner or do you own an architectural practice in Australia? A+ Practice Membership might be a great option for you.

A+ Practice Membership provides access to the full suite of member benefits plus exclusive access to the full catalogue of Australian Standards and the National Construction Code online, HR Hub Help Desk and the opportunity to market your architectural business with a profile on our Find An Architect directory  of A+ practice members, along with increased member discounts. 

Read more about A+ Practice Membership benefits and fees.

Access to the full suite of Australian Standards is exclusive to enrolled staff of A+ Practices. For more information or to apply for a practice membership, click here or email

Non-practicing architects have the option to choose between the Member and Associate categories. Associate category members receive the same benefits as Member category members, with the exception of no longer being able to use a Member badge and different post-nominals (Associate RAIA). If you would like to convert from the Member category to Associate, please email with confirmation of your non-practicing status attached.

Click ‘forgot password’ to reset the password to your account, but if you’ve had too many failed attempts you’ll be locked out. Please email the membership team at and we’ll unlock it for you.

Show off your Institute membership with a digital membership badge. Exclusive to members, apply your badge to your email signature, portfolio or CV and proudly acknowledge your Institute membership and impress future employers. 

Concessional fees are available to members working the equivalent of 2 days or less per week. Submit your application form followed by the concession form. 

The Institute offers a childcare concession to those who work 20 hours or less per week. Submit your application form followed by the concession form.

Each state and territory of Australia has its own Architect Registration Board established under legislation to register architects and architectural practices, conduct disciplinary investigations, pursue unregistered use of the term architect (and associated words), accredit programs of study and educate the public on architectural issues.   You cannot call yourself an architect in Australia unless you hold registration with one of the Architect Registration Boards. The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) is the national voice for the Architect Registration Boards and owns the National Standard of Competency for Architects (NSCA) in Australia.  The AACA website provides extensive information and resources about accredited courses of architecture in Australia, the pathways to architectural registration, migration and overseas qualification assessments. 


The Australian Institute of Architects is the peak body for architects in Australia.  The Institute provides access to resources and benefits that support best practice, lobbies federal and state/territory governments on critical issues that relate to architects and architecture, recognises excellence in architecture through the National Architecture Awards and provides professional development opportunities and peer support networks.

If you weren’t an active member by 31 December in the previous membership year you’ll need to re-join.  To re-join, please complete the application form. It is important that you sign In at the top of the application form so that previous membership records are retained. If you are having difficulty logging in please contact the membership team. 

Once we have received payments, you can access your tax invoice by logging into your membership profile and navigating to ‘My Membership’.

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