Mesa Aldinga Beach | Architects Ink

Six dwellings located along the Aldinga Esplanade have stepped frontages, like birds in flight, each house is given their own identity.

The entrance is reminiscent of an underside of a jetty with exposed beams overhead, connecting the rear yard to the beach, where surfboards and towels can patiently wait until the next ocean visit.

Insertion of an internal courtyard brings ample light into the center of the dwelling. The skillion roof invites morning light over the kitchen, at its lowest point serves to shield the living areas from the afternoon sun. The combination of high-level windows and horizon views establishes a connection to both the sea and sky.

Material selections are humble. Exposed rafters unify internal and external spaces. The activities of the homes sit between robust concrete blockwork, offering a sense of permanence and protection.

Mesa encourages relaxation, where the sea breeze flows through and sandy footprints are welcomed.

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