Xavier College Master Plan Stage 1 – Central Precinct | MGS Architects

The redevelopment of Xavier Colleges Central Precinct, consisting of the new Kostka Building for years 7 and 8 and a new subterranean Sports and Transport Hub, has transformed the car dominated heart of Xaviers hilltop campus into a safe, sustainable and accessible learning precinct that celebrates learning and diversity.

Representing the first stage of the Colleges Master Plan, the project connects the expansive campus from east to west, threading a new, lively pedestrian walk through the new building. Safe arrival is supported in a subterranean travel hub sleeved with new sports facilities, gently embedded in the landscape in a design response that celebrates the sensitive existing heritage of the site.

Xavier College Kostka Building | MGS Architects

Xavier College’s Kostka Building was identified as a key project in MGS Architects’ 2020 Master Plan, enabling the relocation of the College’s year 7 and 8 student cohort from its Brighton and Studley Park campuses to its Senior Campus in Kew.

Kostka accommodates the specific pedagogical and wellbeing requirements of younger students as they transition to high school, while sparking curiosity and creativity in a welcoming, home–like environment. The building is a nurturing teacher, layered with meaning, learning opportunities and spaces that support connection and belonging.

Programmatic expression drives the architecture. Blue–brown brick forms erupt from the terrain, fragmented to create an inhabitable façade. These solid shapes shift to offer connection and retreat, opening to views and closing to create moments of refuge, their mass amplified by high–performance glazing that showcases activities within the building to adjacent spaces and connects students with the historic Chapel, ovals, and city beyond.

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