MOBO Co | Base Architecture

Mobo Co stands out as an innovative coworking space that meets the diverse needs of the modern workforce and responds to the demand for flexible workspaces. The design of this dynamic hub within the vibrant Southbank precinct prioritises user experience, with an emphasis on community, collaboration and productivity. Thoughtful spatial planning, lighting, acoustic and thermal comfort considerations ensure employee wellbeing is at the forefront.

Addressing the client’s requirement for a responsive, flexible and interactive workspace, the space offers suites ranging from 5 to 150 square metres to accommodate individuals and businesses of all sizes. These suites include individual workstations, customisable meeting rooms and a spacious 20-person boardroom.

Base Architectures interior fit out optimises the existing space, while establishing an engaging destination that integrates work, life and play. The Mobo Co project redefines the coworking landscape, offering a versatile, sustainable and visually appealing environment for professionals and businesses alike.

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